3D Shape Crafts

3D shapes are best experienced in three dimensions. This is especially true for younger children who struggle to relate 2D drawings to the 3D objects they represent. To make learning about 3D shapes a bit more fun, we’ve found some fun 3D shape craft activities for you to share with your kids.

Shape Hunt

This can be a fun game to help kids flex their critical thinking skills by applying their new knowledge to the real world. Get students to find an example of each of the 3D shapes from the worksheet in the classroom.

DIY 3D Shapes

The combination of craft supplies that can be made into 3D shapes is almost endless. Popsicle sticks, matchsticks, playdoh/modelling clay, pipe cleaners and more. Your possible construction materials are only limited by your students’ imagination. My favourite is using cardboard and cellophane to make ‘stained glass’ lanterns in different shapes.

Paper Shapes

The internet has a wide variety of templates to help you and your students create your own 3D shapes out of paper. This website contains a wide range of templates from cubes to complex polyhedral. Using the templates to generate shapes introduces kids to 3D nets (the ‘unfolded’ 2D representation of a 3D form). This blog post by Math Craft gives excellent step by step instructions for making a dodecahedron. Math Craft has a bunch of fun math-based craft activities for all ages so definitely, check it out if you are looking for new and exciting craft ideas.

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