About Lizard Learning

Hello, and thank you for stopping by. I’m Cindy Holmberg-Smith the founder of this exciting and fun educational company, Lizard Learning.

Our purpose is to create quality professional teaching tools and resources that help busy primary school teachers, relief teachers, home-schooling parents, and dedicated parents, motivate, inspire and engage children in success and achievement in the primary school years.

After a decade of teaching, I knew I wanted to find a better way to simplify both student progress and yearly planning.

I threw myself into research mode, and I discovered some science that changed the game for myself and my students.

From these experiences and those of observations from my colleagues, I saw the real need for useful and convenient educational resources be developed that could be accessed by one trusted source.

Instead of teachers reinventing the wheel each and every day or looking for new ways to cover the fundamentals in numeracy and literacy for their students, I could see that teachers needed one resource that would cater to this daily need and free up precious time for other tasks.

So I began on my journey of creating an exciting and unique brand new set of resources for primary school teachers.

I spent considerable time bringing together a team of teaching professionals to ensure we created a useful and worthwhile teaching tool for students that catered to the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy based on the Australian Curriculum.

It was in this research and development phase that we discovered our users needed resources quickly. As a response to this, we have made our products available online for easy and instant accessibility at home and in the classroom.

We also understand that as a parent, it’s difficult to be involved in your children’s learning as schooling today is so different and can create many obstacles when you don’t have the required teaching knowledge to help with success.

Our flagship series,10 Quick Questions a Day and bonus resources (grab these inside our Teacher MMH membership) can help overcome these hurdles in a one-step, easy-to-use resource.  It’s not intended to replace the curriculum teaching, but to complement it by reinforcing the most essential concepts.

As a dedicated teaching tool, 10 Quick Questions a Day covers 5 literacy and 5 numeracy questions a day, 5 days a week, for each term. 

A time-saving tool for teachers

📒 Planned-For-You daily revision program
🔢 2000 questions per year level 1 – 6
Covers Maths and English in a single resource
Easy to complete in 30 minutes or less each day
🔍 Quickly identifies gaps in learning
🧠 Based on the Science of Learning
🌟 Definitions at most questions
🩵 Reduces resistance to learning
Answers included