Ava is off to big school next year and with this comes invitations to visit the local schools around us. We live on the north side of Brisbane in sunny Queensland where there are so many choices to make, both public and private. We were lucky enough to be invited to the Ferny Hills State School Under 8’s Day. What a wonderful day filled with so many activities for the children from years pre-prep to Year 2.

When I started teaching we had Under 8’s Day but for some reason it was stopped around the second year of my teaching. As a new graduate, I was so disappointed because I loved sharing the fun these days bring, with my daily day buddies (even though I am usually frantically running around, however the lead-up and discussion afterward were great ways to bond with my class). I am not sure why they stopped at our school but they seem to have had a resurgence. As I mentioned in the post on Facebook it is so wonderful to be on the other side of the fence as a mum now enjoying these fun days.

Ava and I are always out and about exploring, discovering and enjoying the world around us and when we are doing this, Lizard Learning and our awesome tribe are always in the front of my mind as I continuously seek ways to find new ideas for teachers, home schoolers or parents at home to enjoy with the kids in their lives. As for teaching life, I am always searching out ways to reduce your planning time, increase your personal time and bring joy into your teaching day.

Below are the pictures I took at the fabulous and fun Under 8’s Day at Ferny Hills State School. I will spread these activities, ideas and photos across a few blogs otherwise this one is going to be huge!

The activities were the wonderful creation of the amazing creative minds of the teaching team at Ferny Hills State School.


ALLERGY DISCLAIMER: Ava is anaphylactic to egg and peanuts. A very safe practice for teachers to follow is always keep the packet the biscuits were bought in. This will allow parents to check the allergy alert on the back of the packet. To protect yourself further, I would have an allergy alert sign at this station stating the ingredients being handled and ultimately, eaten!!


An oldie but always a goodie for little hands. A great fine-motor skills and hand strengthening exercise to help increase the power in the fingers for pencil grip and handwriting. Many maths concepts used too with counting, sorting and patterning.

This blog post is to be continued with more fun activities from Under 8’s day coming to the blog soon. Make sure you are hanging out with us on Facebook and Instagram to always be in the know with all the latest from Lizard Learning.

Feel free to leave a comment below, on our Facebook page or over on our YouTube channel at Lizard Learning Australia. We love hearing from our tribe.

Keep Shining Brightly

Cindy xo


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