2D Shape Maze-Triangles

2D Shapes Triangles

A fun activity to get your students talking about shapes and thinking logically. This shape maze activity sheet will keep your students entertained whilst exercising their thinking skills.

Ladybird Contractions

Transform Contractions into Fun with Our Ladybird Contractions Activity! Help your students master the art of using contractions with our delightful Ladybird Contractions activity. It’s educational, they’ll love it, and you’ll save time resourcing. So don’t wait any longer – this engaging activity is now part of our Teacher Mastermind Hub membership! Contractions are commonly […]

Number 6 Activity

Blog 6 Activity Sheet

Help your students make sense of numbers with this number representation activity sheet. Perfect for young learners or students who are struggling with the concept of quantity. 

Shall We Dance?

What's your dance style?

Dancing may feed the soul, but trivia knowledge wins quizzes! Whether your students are dancing fanatics or quiz champions in the making, this fun ‘Shall we Dance’ trivia quiz sheet is guaranteed to keep them entertained.

Calendar Challenge

Calendar Challenge

Measuring time and reading a calendar are essential life skills and even with modern technology students must still learn how to use and interpret a calendar. This activity sheet provides students with the practice they need.

Silly Spelling Sentences

Silly Spelling

Add some fun and laughter to your spelling lessons with Silly Spelling Sentences. This activity will make learning fun and memorable for students. It will also allow teachers to assess students’ ability to spell and test their understanding of their spelling words.

Growth Mindset

Cultivate a Growth Mindset with Our “I Have a Growth Mindset” Worksheet! Start developing a growth mindset within your children with the aid of this super resource. It’s a great starting point for discussions relating to mindset and success, helping realign kids’ thought processes when they are faced with a challenge. Psychologist Carol Dweck brought […]

Combining Maths and Physical Activity

Maths and physical activity

Physical activity should be an essential part of everyday life for all of us. Unfortunately, it often falls by the wayside in favour of work and family commitments. Activity is even more critical for children, and they are not always getting enough. They are often naturally full of energy, but they end up restricted to a classroom for extended periods. It’s hard to engage kids in learning when they are staring out the window and counting down the minutes to freedom.

Matching and Sorting


Sorting, classifying and matching are the basic skills required for maths development. These skills are the foundations for kindy and prep curriculum areas with which teachers will access each child to gain their understanding in these foundational mathematical principles.