Bees to the Honey

Jul 1, 2020 | For Teachers, Maths, Teaching

A counting and number matching game. A great activity for number awareness and recognition, one to one correspondence as well as fine motor development. 
There are 10 labelled honey pots and 2 extra to copy, trim and laminate. There are also 12 honey bees to copy, cut-out and attach to the top of individual clothes pegs. If you wish to extend the range of numbers, i.e., to 20 or 30, create more honey bees and copy and label the unnumbered honey pots. Set the honey pot cards out with the basket of ‘honey bees’ (pegs)-the hive. Demonstrate how to choose a honey pot, say the number of bees needed, count and select bees needed and then peg the bees around the honey pot.

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