Bees to the Honey

Engage Students with the “Bees to the Honey” Activity

Introduce a fun and interactive way to teach counting and number recognition with the “Bees to the Honey” activity. This engaging resource is perfect for young learners who are developing their counting skills and number recognition.

The activity includes 10 labelled honey pots and 2 extra blank ones for you to copy, trim, and laminate. Additionally, there are 12 honey bees to copy, cut out, and attach to the tops of individual clothes pegs. If you wish to extend the range of numbers (e.g., to 20 or 30), simply create more honey bees and copy and label the unnumbered honey pots.

How to Use the “Bees to the Honey” Activity:

  1. Prepare the Materials:
    • Copy, trim, and laminate the honey pots.
    • Copy, cut out, and attach the honey bees to the tops of individual clothes pegs.
    • If needed, create additional honey pots and bees for larger number ranges.
  2. Set Up the Activity:
    • Arrange the honey pot cards in a designated area.
    • Place the basket of ‘honey bees’ (pegs) nearby to represent the hive.
  3. Demonstrate the Activity:
    • Choose a honey pot and say the number of bees needed.
    • Count out and select the corresponding number of bees.
    • Peg the bees around the honey pot.

Extension Activities and Fun Ideas:

  • Extended Counting: To challenge students further, increase the number range to 20 or 30 by creating additional honey pots and bees.
  • Number Sequencing: Have students arrange the honey pots in numerical order before pegging the bees.
  • Math Games: Incorporate simple addition or subtraction by combining honey pots and counting the total number of bees needed.

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