Adding and Multiplying

Even with fun pictures, kids can struggle to master the fundamentals of maths. Just when they’ve got a handle on addition, they learn that there’s another type of maths that is similar to addition but also completely different: the dreaded Multiplication. Even as adults we sometimes…

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Because and So

BECAUSE AND SO Compound sentences can be tricky. Even trickier than making sure all parts go together properly, is choosing the correct conjunction to join them. There are so many different types of conjunctions that sometimes it can be hard to decide which one…

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Blocked Towers

Kids can be pretty concrete thinkers so it can be tricky to introduce them to more abstract ideas like the ones that turn up in maths. Activities that incorporate simple visual representations of mathematic concepts are an excellent way to…

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Fact Family Robots

Fact families are an excellent way to get kids thinking about the way that numbers relate to each other. Addition and subtraction fact families are an extremely important step towards being able to factorise numbers using multiplication and division. Fact families are also a great way to…

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Subtracting Ten

Learning to add and subtract by tens is an important skill to learn. Not only does it simplify mathematical equations, but our system of measurement (the metric system) is based around tens. Mastering the role of the number ten in maths is an…

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To, Too and Two

The differences between to, two, and too can be difficult to master. Some adults still get them wrong at times. To and too can be especially tricky. It could be a fun class activity to try and come up with easy ways to remember which…

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