Painted rocks are such a great activity for children to do. Building confidence and self-esteem through fun activities is a great way to encourage positive mindsets.

Apparently there is a rock painting movement going on! Here’s how it works for those who have lived under a rock (that would include me!) and haven’t heard about this yet 🤔

In your travels if you find a rock, you keep it and you make another rock to leave in its place OR leave the rock somewhere else.

If you’re creating your rock with your sports or community group like a scout’s group, school community or yoga class, the group’s Facebook name is usually on the back of the rock so that you can share where you found the rock. It’s kind of like a treasure hunt!!

The hide and seek rock painting kit includes 10 natural River rocks, weather resistant paint (8 colours) and waterproof transfer designs (similar to temporary tattoos), tracking stickers, 2 paint brushes, transfer sponge and instructions.

Why not play a game of hide and seek with your class or child at home to see who can find your design or inspirational quote!

This kit is great for ages 6 to 106.

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