Number 6 Activity

Blog 6 Activity Sheet

Help your students make sense of numbers with this number representation activity sheet. Perfect for young learners or students who are struggling with the concept of quantity. 

Calendar Challenge

Calendar Challenge

Measuring time and reading a calendar are essential life skills and even with modern technology students must still learn how to use and interpret a calendar. This activity sheet provides students with the practice they need.

Growth Mindset Activities

Growth Mindset

Collaborative learning is a useful way to enhance a growth mindset. Learning in groups allows children to find solutions with the support of their peers. With this in mind, we came up with the following activities which can be done individually or in groups.

Anzac Day Red Poppies Craft

Commemorate ANZAC Day with Red Poppy Crafts Australians and New Zealanders have quite a few symbols to represent ANZAC Day, which are used to commemorate this significant time in history. The red poppy, one of the first flowers to bloom in the French and Belgian battlefields after World War I, is often associated with Remembrance […]

An Easy Snack for Teachers

Easy Snacks

Teaching is hard enough let alone having to be a great chef too! I don’t know about you but I love simple cooking and any kind of time-saving tools for teachers, whether that’s inside the classroom or at home. Three, maybe four ingredients and I’m a happy teacher in the kitchen.

Multiplication Monkeys

Moneky Fun with Math

Use this fun game to practise your multiplication facts. Roll 2 die, multiply and cover the answer on this game board. The player with four in a row will be the winner.