Shall We Dance?

What's your dance style?

Dancing may feed the soul, but trivia knowledge wins quizzes! Whether your students are dancing fanatics or quiz champions in the making, this fun ‘Shall we Dance’ trivia quiz sheet is guaranteed to keep them entertained.

Silly Spelling Sentences

Silly Spelling

Add some fun and laughter to your spelling lessons with Silly Spelling Sentences. This activity will make learning fun and memorable for students. It will also allow teachers to assess students’ ability to spell and test their understanding of their spelling words.

Word of the Day Vocabulary Activity

Word of the Day Activity

Word of the Day activities are great for building children’s vocabulary, which in turn helps develop their communication skills. This Word of the Day activity sheet is a great teaching resource for students and teachers. Students can enjoy investigating new and interesting words. While teachers can benefit from hassle-free preparation.

How to Write a Simple Narrative

Imagination in story writing

Learning how to write a simple story is an essential skill that children will use throughout their school years. Story writing is one of the most common ways that we teach children to stretch their imagination. For young children, it can be an excellent way to help them learn to organise their thoughts and coherently express their ideas. Teaching children to write stories of their own helps them to read and understand stories written by others better.

Because and So

Compound sentences can be tricky. Even trickier than making sure all parts go together properly, is choosing the correct conjunction to join them. There are so many different types of conjunctions that sometimes it can be hard to decide which one to use, especially when they have similar meaning. In some cases multiple conjunctions could be correct.

Lose or Loose?

Lose v Loose ~ They both have similar spelling and slightly different pronunciations, which can make for plenty of errors in students’ writing.