Ladybird Contractions

Transform Contractions into Fun with Our Ladybird Contractions Activity! Help your students master the art of using contractions with our delightful Ladybird Contractions activity. It’s educational, they’ll love it, and you’ll save time resourcing. So don’t wait any longer – this engaging activity is now part of our Teacher Mastermind Hub membership! Contractions are commonly […]

Growth Mindset

Cultivate a Growth Mindset with Our “I Have a Growth Mindset” Worksheet! Start developing a growth mindset within your children with the aid of this super resource. It’s a great starting point for discussions relating to mindset and success, helping realign kids’ thought processes when they are faced with a challenge. Psychologist Carol Dweck brought […]

Seasons Word Search

Learn New Vocabulary and Have Fun with the Seasons Word Search! Discover new vocabulary, learn to spell, and have fun at the same time. This Seasons Word Search is a fantastic resource if you’re teaching the topic of seasons or if you’re looking for a constructive way for your students to pass some time in […]

Number Facts Bingo

Make Maths Fun with Number Facts Bingo! What better way to engage students than with a fun game? This Number Fact Bingo resource is guaranteed to excite learners and encourage them to use and recall their number knowledge. Are you familiar with groans and complaints the moment you mention a mental arithmetic test? Well, you […]

Fun Scrabble Spelling

Spice Up Your Lessons with the Fun Scrabble Spelling Game! Spicing up your lesson plans with fun activities can make learning much more enjoyable. A game is a great way to increase participation within a lesson and inside your classroom. Even though the learning processes may be the same, a worksheet presented as a game […]

2D Shape Maze-Circles

Lizard Learning Blog

A fun activity to get your students talking about shapes and thinking logically. This shape maze activity sheet will keep your students entertained whilst exercising their thinking skills.

How Does it Move?

Engage Young Learners with the “How Does It Move” Verb Activity! This is the perfect resource to introduce verbs to young learners. This fun resource combines students’ natural interest in animals while learning all about verbs. Verbs are used to describe an action, a state, or an occurrence. When introducing verbs to young learners, a […]

Daily Fun Fitness

Get Moving with the Daily Fun Fitness Activity! Jump, hop, skip, and march into action with this Daily Fun Fitness Activity. Designed to get your class moving by adding a little fitness to your school day. The Daily Fun Fitness Activity has been created to help you easily incorporate fitness into your daily class routine. […]

Times Table Bookmarks

Inspire a Love of Reading and Math with Times Table Bookmarks! Encourage a love of reading and develop your students’ mathematical skills at the same time with these colourful Times Table Bookmarks. They are easy to make, and we love their dual purpose! Every bookworm needs a snazzy bookmark, and these DIY page markers have […]

All About Me

Easy and Fun Christmas Card Templates for Students! If you’re looking for an easy, no-fuss Christmas card activity for your students, these templates provide just that. To unwrap this yuletide treat, simply click download on the link below. This free festive download includes three Christmas card templates ready and waiting for your students to decorate. […]