Word of the Day Vocabulary Activity

Word of the Day Activity

Word of the Day activities are great for building children’s vocabulary, which in turn helps develop their communication skills. This Word of the Day activity sheet is a great teaching resource for students and teachers. Students can enjoy investigating new and interesting words. While teachers can benefit from hassle-free preparation.

Cross Number Puzzles

These challenging cross number puzzles are a great way to keep your students entertained and they hold a whole load of hidden benefits too!

Adding and Multiplying

Make Multiplication Fun with Engaging Activities! Even with fun pictures, kids can struggle to master the fundamentals of maths. Just when they’ve got a handle on addition, they learn that there’s another type of maths that is similar to addition but also completely different: the dreaded multiplication. Even as adults, we sometimes have to pause […]

Sign Language Spelling

Sign Language Spelling

Brighten up a spelling lesson with Sign-Language Spelling. Students can have fun learning how to communicate in sign-language whilst learning their weekly spelling words. The activity sheet displays clear visuals of how to sign each letter of the alphabet. There is also a space at the bottom of the page to write the spelling words.

Bees to the Honey

A counting and number matching game. A great activity for number awareness and recognition, one to one correspondence as well as fine motor development. 

Encourage Writing and Editing in the Classroom

Teaching writing was one of the hardest curriculum activities I had to do as a full time classroom teacher. Just setting up for a writing activity was hard enough with the little ones.