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Researching and virtually scanning the classrooms of the globe brings me so much joy, not only because I am offering value to you my audience and followers, but because I love to see the passion teachers bring into their classrooms. Some of these classroom themes are out-of-this-world!!

I was flicking through Instagram and saw this post from @cherrieresources where she shows us a picture of the amazing artwork in @cassie_stephenz classroom. When you are designing your theme for the year, it’s much more effective if it fits in with some curriculum elements (this art theme would be great if a focus for the year was the interpretation of art if you were teaching the older grades). The theme doesn’t have to be educational based either, we can always just be having fun and use a theme that scatters across your stationery, stamps, weekly newsletter or a regular comment you would say in your daily teaching or write on their school work.

A wet paint look on the walls is perfect for an engaging classroom!

The Christmas tree is so genius! It’s decorated with art paraphernalia, pencils, paints, rainbows and paint brushes. If you would like to create a theme for the school year but it seems overwhelming and you aren’t sure how to do it, here are three easy steps to begin:

Step 1: Grab a piece of paper and pen and with the year level allocated for the year, think of activities your school would be focusing on for the next year. You may have the school fete or fair as a focus, it might be the year of a centenary or certain celebration to mark an event or an occasion. These are great ways to bring the whole school and school community into your theme too. It doesn’t have to be this grand by the way, most times small and simple is key. Once you are on this train of thought ideas will start to flow.

Step 2: Write all those ideas down so they are out of your head. Either leave this here and go about your days doing your daily activities. Ideas will continue to come to you and you will discover that one main theme will always be at the forefront of your mind.

Step 3: You will have one main idea that keeps recurring. From this idea make sure it is appropriate for the year level. You may like the idea of a Frozen theme but would it be engaging, relevant and interesting for a Grade 8 class at a private boys’ school? Um, no!  If you can map out three ways you can integrate that theme into your classroom and daily teaching program then you have just birthed your theme for the year. CONGRATULATIONS!

If you refer back to @cassie_stephenz classroom and her art theme, she was able to weave this with her classroom decorating, Christmas theme and perhaps a curriculum focus could have been an idea as simple as working on different paint elements each Friday. Remember to keep it simple and do what your strengths and skills are in the area you choose.

From what I can see, the tree is rainbow?! Would you agree? I need one of these. Where do I get myself one?

Can you imagine the excitement of your kids if they were given the opportunity to decorate a tree such as this! What ways can you make Christmas super fun in your room this festive season?

Please comment and let us know the creative ways you have themed your classroom this year or what exciting ways do you engage children in the spirit of Christmas?

Teachers Rock!!
Cindy xo

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