Is Your Passion for Teaching Fading?

Let’s shake things up! Join me for a coaching session where we’ll tackle overwhelm head-on, find your spark, and create a game plan that brings joy back to your teaching. Simplify your life, boost your energy, and step into your power — you deserve it!

Hi, I'm Cindy

I’ve been where you are: feeling overwhelmed, juggling the demands of teaching, and managing ADHD. Through my own journey, I’ve gathered a wealth of experience and developed effective strategies to not only cope but thrive both in and outside the classroom.

As your coach, I blend empathy with actionable insights, focusing on helping educators rediscover their joy and purpose in teaching. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your focus, find balance, or reignite your passion, I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

Let’s transform your teaching experience together, starting with the very challenges that once held me back.

What You Can Expect From Coaching Sessions With Cindy

Rediscover Your Passion for Teaching

Cut through daily distractions and rediscover what ignited your passion for teaching. We’ll dive into your original motivations and reignite that spark, making every teaching day more rewarding.

Boosted Self-Worth and Confidence

Banish doubt and embrace your power. We’ll celebrate your strengths and achievements, building a solid foundation of confidence that transforms how you face every challenge.

Enhanced Focus and Organisation

Tame the chaos! With tailored strategies for managing ADHD and teaching demands, I’ll help you streamline your tasks and free up precious personal time. Get ready to organise like a pro.

A Balanced, Joyful Life

Strike the perfect balance between work and play. We’ll develop practical strategies to boost your well-being and sprinkle joy into both routine tasks and life’s special moments.

Did you know...

Teacher mental health & wellbeing is becoming a huge concern. Recent studies show some mind-blowing statistics about teacher wellness & it truly breaks my heart to see. Did you know that…

46.8% of teachers are considering leaving their job within 12 months! 46.8%
70% of the teachers reported having unmanageable workloads! 70%
59.7% of teachers suffer from anxiety & stress! 59.7%

Teaching isn’t just a jobit’s a calling that demands every ounce of your being, leaving you feeling depleted and disconnected from yourself. But amidst the chaos and the endless demands, there lies a flicker of hopea glimmer of possibility for a brighter, more fulfilling future. That’s where I come in.

I’m here to introduce you to a transformative coaching experience designed specifically for educators like you.

As a seasoned coach specialising in supporting teachers with ADHD and empowering educators to reclaim their sense of purpose and self-worth, I’m committed to guiding you towards a life where you feel on track and fulfilled in life.

Reclaim Your Soul

Teaching takes more than just time—it takes a piece of your soul each day. But together, we’ll embark on a journey to reclaim that lost essence, to reignite the passion and purpose that brought you to this profession in the first place. Through our intimate coaching sessions, I’ll guide you back to yourself, helping you rediscover the joy and a sense of fulfillment for your life.

Restore Balance Amidst the Chaos

Teaching is relentless—a never-ending cycle of long hours, endless meetings, and a constant stream of demands pulling you in every direction. But in the midst of this chaos, there lies an opportunity to find peace, balance and harmony. Through personalised strategies and unwavering support, I’ll help you reclaim control over your time, your energy, and your life. Together, we’ll create systems, structures and routines that restore order amidst the chaos, allowing you to reclaim your evenings, your weekends, and your sense of self.

Rediscover Joy in the Mundane

Marking, planning, meetings—your days are filled to the brim with tasks that leave little room for the things that bring you joy. But what if I told you that joy can be found in even the most mundane of tasks? Through our coaching sessions, I’ll help you shift your perspective, finding moments of beauty, inspiration, and joy in the everyday. Together, we’ll infuse your life again with passion and purpose, transforming your current reality into an opportunity for growth.

and find yourself again!