Because and So

Understanding the Difference Between ‘Because’ and ‘So’

This worksheet on the difference between ‘because’ and ‘so’ will help remove some of the mystery around conjunctions. To cement your students’ understanding of how to use ‘because’ and ‘so,’ you could have the class tell a chain story where each element ends with either ‘because’ or ‘so.’

For example:

  • The alien was hungry, so … he went to the shop because … he had no food at home because … he ate it all, so … etc.

This could be a fun class activity to introduce some fun into the sometimes boring topic of grammar.

Another activity that would reinforce the difference between ‘because’ and ‘so’ would be to write the first part of a sentence on the board, then get the kids to finish it in two different ways; one beginning with ‘so’ and the other with ‘because.’

For example:

  • I go to school … because it makes me smarter / so I can learn.

For older kids, it could even evolve into understanding the difference between subordinating and coordinating conjunctions. You can also organise group activities where kids try to list as many conjunctions as they can (including phrase conjunctions like ‘as well as’).

How to Use the Because and So Worksheet:

  1. Download and Print: Start by downloading and printing the worksheet.
  2. Class Activity: Introduce the concept with a fun chain story using ‘because’ and ‘so.’
  3. Sentence Completion: Write the first part of sentences on the board and have students complete them using ‘because’ and ‘so.’
  4. Group Activities: For older students, expand the activity to include other conjunctions and discuss the differences between subordinating and coordinating conjunctions.

Extension Activities and Fun Ideas:

  • Chain Story: Have the class tell a chain story where each element ends with ‘because’ or ‘so.’
  • Sentence Completion: Write sentence starters on the board and have students complete them with ‘because’ and ‘so.’
  • Conjunction List: Challenge students to list as many conjunctions as they can, including phrases like ‘as well as.’

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