Congratulations – Home Learning Awards

WE DID IT!! What a time of learning new skills and adapting to new ways. It was nothing short of incredible to watch teachers shift their classroom learning to online in what seemed like an overnight process.

This week students went back to the classroom after 5 weeks home learning with their parents. It was a challenging time with different families reporting different experiences. In our household, Ava had the pleasure of my teaching for 8 weeks as I took her out of class a little earlier. What was my experience teaching my 7 year old you are wondering? Difficult is my honest opinion.

If I ever thought about homeschooling for us, which I have on many occasions, COVID-19 has been fantastic to answer so many questions in that regard. The decision to ever homeschool has definitely been confirmed and it is not an option for us. Ava loves and adores her teacher too much and the regular contact with her classmates beside her.

We want to congratulate all the students who did a wonderful job with their quick transitioning to HOME LEARNING that was required of them too.


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