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Yesterday was absolutely crazy. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect the last minute response, from this wonderful community we have here at Lizard Learning, who are just trying to find the best ways to help their kids. This is all any of us are trying to achieve.

A big hug and thanks to everyone who stuck it out, kept logging on when you being logged out, denied access to products that ‘apparently weren’t available,’ dealt with my phone calls to you in your family time on a Sunday to keep you updated, my back and and forth emails, but most of all thank you for your patience, kindness and understanding in every single email we received from you.

I hope you might take a few nuggets away that can help you in your teaching, dealing with a difficult parent, responding in emails or at home in your own relationships from these words I write. There are going to be many lessons throughout this piece you might just find helpful πŸ™

When Lizard Learning first came onto the scene it was inevitable people had to get to know us and this can be very difficult as an online business!! I hope it’s becoming clear we aren’t an educational company that sits behind a desk. We are there for all our guys and gals when you need to connect to us.

One example of an email I received very early on …. “I placed an order just now and can’t find it!! You either get this to me now, sort it or give me a refund. I will never be recommending you or your business to any of my teacher colleagues ever again!!” Ouch 😰

If you know me, you’ll know those words take me a very long time to recover from. My whole intention everyday is to create new ways that we can help inspire, engage and motivate our kids to succeed.

Note ~ Her products were on the invoice, in her email inbox which was sent immediately upon purchase 😊 A very apologetic and happy customer in the end.

However, as much as I was so devastated someone could speak like this, I called to help her locate her purchase. I discovered A LOT in this experience that 20 self-help books or professional development courses wouldn’t have touched the sides on.

When it came down to the core of the problem and she was actually able to verbally express her feelings, her much loved dog was put down that week, she had a horrific class of behaviour issues + 5 special needs kids and had spent hours trawling the internet to find teaching material suitable to this outrageous mixture of learning needs in her classroom! To spend money and not locate the product was her final straw and it was me who wore the brunt of her anger.

Now I have to say I would generally receive emails regularly like this a couple of years ago. It took me a very long time to be able to deal with these angry emails especially as my intentions, heart and soul is to give, provide and serve anyone who is educating a child in the early years. I will give hours of my time to parents who call me with nowhere to turn, to homeschooling mums who need a guide to know where to start in providing the fundamentals to teach. I just ❀️ and want to give.

This leads me to some lessons I’ve learned
➑️ Cindy’s Sunday Soul Session ( Geez now I’m sounding like Oprah ~ doesn’t she have something by the same kind of name πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

1. Never take anything to heart, you just never know what is happening in that person’s life.

2. Have an exceptional product or do a great job by always going above and beyond!!

3. Most of the time it won’t be your issue or problem. As long as you deliver what you say. Provide the parent or customer in this case what they need, paid for or expected, then there isn’t anything they can say that can upset you unless you let it. Make it water off a duck’s back!

4. To all of us ~ it is never ok to send abusive or rude emails to anyone. We may live in an online world but the person on the other end of that email or phone is there to help. They are a son, daughter, mum, dad, grandparent just doing their job. If this person was in front of you, would you speak like that?

5. Give them honey and never reply with vinegar! People can’t continue to be aggressive or nasty when you wear a smile, use a calm voice and reply with a big dose of kindness which they are obviously needing in a big dose like glitter sprinkled on a Xmas craft activity βœ¨πŸŒŸπŸ’«

As a teacher to now venturing into this business world, which was never my intention, it’s kind of lead this way on its own (that’s a whole blog sometime soon) has opened my eyes to how rude, ignorant, hostile and sadly, just down right mean and cruel people can be when something just so teeny tiny goes wrong which can always be fixed!

Maybe it’s the world we live in. We want fast food we drive through the golden arches and in an instant we have a French fry in our mouth, Zarrafas drive-thru has moved into our suburb as soon as I feel like a coffee fix, it’s solved within a second and within minutes that hot liquid is hitting the spot, resources at midnight and we flick the print button and the activity is rolling out of the printer. We have instant gratification constantly.

Usually in situations like yesterday, where everyone is frantic to purchase the 10 Quick Questions a Day program with all its extra bonuses, glitches are going to happen and frustration and anger sets in. Yesterday it didn’t! This awesome tribe just went with the flow with positive emails letting us know there were issues and asked if we could look into it πŸ‘πŸ˜

Once upon a time, before our customers learned what we were all about and our philosophy of giving, that situation could have been a terrible experience, but it was actually a lovely time for me to connect to our tribe, who are kind, considerate and understanding.

To have a resource that can do so much:

    • design layout in the same style as Naplan questioning
    • reduce your planning time
    • give your kids their confidence back
    • laugh with them as they learn
    • increase academic results
    • take the stress out of planning, revision and consolidating all the content your students need to know
    • perfect for students to learn the fundamentals in BOTH literacy and numeracy in ONE book ➑️ is surely going to be well worth the value. So much so our computer system was a little overloaded with so much positive response!!

There is no need to panic… if you had issues purchasing on the website yesterday we have extended the BONUS Offer on Term 2 to MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!!

If you need another look as to why all the attention from teachers and parents, WATCH these QUICK 3 part videos to see inside the pages as I chat about the questions, the system and delve into the 10 different curriculum areas on one page which makes the resource the most comprehensive learning tool on the market >>>


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