Cross Number Puzzles

Boost Numeracy Skills with Engaging Cross Number Puzzles!

Cross Number Puzzles is a ready-made teaching resource that requires zero preparation. The activity consists of five cross number puzzles, and fortunately for teachers and parents, the answers are included on separate sheets too. Phew!

These puzzles are great for an early-morning starter to wake up those sleepy, morning brains. Alternatively, the activity can also be used at the end of a numeracy lesson to stretch those students who finish early.

Number puzzles are excellent for developing thinking skills in numeracy and practising mathematical problem-solving. Cross Number Puzzles requires students to think strategically and work systematically to solve the problems. Additionally, number puzzles help in other areas too. They are an excellent tool for practising mindfulness and are said to improve focus, resilience, and memory.

How to Use Cross Number Puzzles:

  1. Equations: There are 3 vertical equations and 3 horizontal equations. Fill the empty boxes with a digit from 1-9 to satisfy each equation.
  2. Unique Digits: Each digit from 1-9 can only be used once.
  3. Order of Operations: The equations must be completed from left to right and top to bottom.
  4. Tracking: Use the tick-boxes beside the puzzle to keep track of which digits have already been used.

Extension Activities and Fun Ideas:

  • Create Your Own Puzzles: Challenge students to create their own cross number problems. Once done, they can have a classmate solve it or take it home to challenge their parents.
  • Mindfulness Station: School days can be hectic and sometimes over-stimulating for students. Mindfulness sessions are a chance for students to wind down and for teachers to regain a little sanity in the classroom. These sessions can be particularly effective after a busy lunchtime. Create a mindfulness station within the classroom, full of resources to help with relaxation and mindfulness. When students come in from lunch, they can stop at the station, collect a resource, and settle down for 10 minutes of quiet mindfulness. Cross Number Puzzles would be a great addition to your mindfulness station.
  • Growth Mindset: Cross number puzzles are challenging and require perseverance and resilience to complete. If you are trying to instil a growth mindset within your students, activities like these are very useful. Students can experience what perseverance and resilience truly feel like. Reassure your students that the solution is there and celebrate the effort they have put in, rather than whether or not they completed the puzzle. Consider awarding class prizes for effort to celebrate their resilience.

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