Daily Fun Fitness

Get Moving with the Daily Fun Fitness Activity!

Jump, hop, skip, and march into action with this Daily Fun Fitness Activity. Designed to get your class moving by adding a little fitness to your school day.

The Daily Fun Fitness Activity has been created to help you easily incorporate fitness into your daily class routine. The resource displays an A-Z list of exercises that your students can follow to keep fit. And why not join in with them too? You can improve your fitness while you work.

Keeping fit is an important aspect of a child’s overall wellbeing, so as educators, we need to value this too. Good physical wellbeing will have knock-on effects on their mental wellbeing, and this, in turn, will impact how they learn.

Exercise can help improve students’ focus, filling them with positive endorphins, creating a happier mood and positive vibes in your classroom. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get moving!

You can use this activity at any time of the day. You might like to start your school day with some exercise to wake up your students. Alternatively, you could use it in the middle of a lesson as a short ‘brain break’ activity. It would even make a great warm-up activity for a sports lesson.

The exercises suggested on the activity sheet don’t require much space. So, if you don’t have easy access to a playground or school gym, you could complete them in class or even in the corridor.

How to Use the Daily Fun Fitness Activity:

  1. Choose a Name: Pick the name of a student in your class.
  2. Find the Exercises: Use the A-Z resource sheet to find the corresponding exercise for each letter of their name.
  3. Get Moving: As a class, work through the letters one by one, completing each exercise as you go.

Warning! Choosing a Christopher over a Sam on an early Monday morning might be a decision you’ll regret. 🙂

Extension Activities and Fun Ideas:

  • Spell Out Words: Spell any words you wish, such as weekly spelling words. This adds an opportunity for children to see and hear their spelling words while exercising.
  • Random Selection: Add some drama by writing students’ names on lolly sticks and selecting a stick at random. Students will enjoy the anticipation as they wait to see whether they are in for a short work-out or a long one.
  • Student Leaders: Encourage students to lead the exercises. The person whose name is chosen or a volunteer from the class can lead, perhaps picking a friend for moral support. Leading an activity in front of the class is a super experience for them and helps develop their confidence.

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