It’s the New Year for Aussie teachers where we are getting back into the swing of cutting, pasting and laminating again! I used to think laminating my sight word cards and A4 posters what a big job, until I look across the socials to see what teachers are doing now to engage, inspire and bring joy to their classroom and students.

Here are a collection of five door posters seen on Instagram that will have any student ready to step through the doors to kick-start their learning:

Lucky for many teachers they love their craft and creating as much as their teaching and students. This is the case with @teaching_with_tatham and her fantastic pirate themed door. 


What a way for a student to start their day with words like this hitting their eyes as soon as they see their room. Mindset is so important to encourage and teach our kids.

The poster was created by @sweettoothteaching but spied at @mynaturalteachingspace


‘Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.’ For a student to know that being DIFFERENT is ok and accepted in their classroom is so empowering and sets each child up for immediate success as they enter in and out of that door each day.

 @applesandabcs @teaching.the.littles


Quote of the Year – ‘Hard Work puts you where Good Luck can find you!’ Nothing but hard work and commitment is going to get anyone where they wish to be, but with action comes the opportunity for the lucky break to happen.

@priceless.ponderings  @joeyudovich


I am guessing the students’ names were on the door which is a lovely touch for them to know, ‘We have something that this world needs,’ and they see their name. That’s wonderful for a child to see their importance everyday. This mindset in the younger years will empower them to do great things and possibly lead the country in the future. Yes words can be that powerful!




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