Encourage Writing and Editing in the Classroom

Simplify the Writing Process with Creative Tools and Techniques

After organising each child in preparation to write—finding a pencil, sharpening a pencil, locating their writing book with blue and red lines, and then settling them into the correct writing position (sit still, all four legs of the chair on the floor, pencil grip, and concentration)—I found myself with only minutes of the writing lesson left to teach.

There aren’t too many teachers I know who don’t have the same struggle with teaching writing in the classroom, so we find ourselves coming up with all sorts of ingenious ways to encourage our students to put pen to paper, like @the.k.files on Instagram has done with her students.

{ Pic credit ~ @the.k.files over on Instagram }

Lori uses her method of Revising Eyes—little plastic play toy eyeballs students place on their fingers like rings. This super fun tool reminds and encourages each student to edit, check, look, and correct their writing piece as they go and upon completion.

Share Your Ideas!

What other ideas have you seen to encourage and support students in the writing process? You might have some great ideas yourself that have already proven successful using your unique technique.

Here are a few more ideas to get started:

  • Writing Buddies: Pair students up to review each other’s work. They can give constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement.
  • Writing Prompts: Use fun and engaging writing prompts to spark creativity and interest. Tailor the prompts to suit different age groups and interests.
  • Graphic Organisers: Provide graphic organisers to help students structure their thoughts and ideas before writing. This can make the writing process less overwhelming.
  • Interactive Whiteboards: Use interactive whiteboards to brainstorm ideas and plan writing tasks collectively as a class.
  • Personal Writing Goals: Encourage students to set personal writing goals. This can help them focus on specific areas they want to improve.
  • Writing Celebrations: Celebrate students’ writing achievements by displaying their work on a bulletin board or having a ‘publication party’ where they can read their pieces aloud.

These techniques, combined with creative tools like Revising Eyes, can make the writing process more enjoyable and less stressful for both teachers and students.

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