Flexible Seating Options That Won’t Break The Bank

Jun 17, 2020 | Classroom, For Teachers

Flexible Seating is the new inclusive way to teach students in the classroom. Teachers are moving away from structured rows and boring school-provided group seating to create flexible space for students to learn.

Here are some great examples we saw on

Who would have thought beach chairs and tables, ottomans, recliners, couches, low tables and cushions would be stable for a classroom?!

An ottoman or two with storage would come in handy! Beach chairs for classroom.

Well today in 2020 it is! It’s completely up to you and your style of teaching as to whether you stick with the traditional classroom model or flexible seating but if the latter is more your style, than the big retailers like BIG W and Kmart have you covered and on the cheap too. How is your classroom designed for ideal instruction and learning?

Happy Decorating!

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