Fun Scrabble Spelling

Spice Up Your Lessons with the Fun Scrabble Spelling Game!

Spicing up your lesson plans with fun activities can make learning much more enjoyable. A game is a great way to increase participation within a lesson and inside your classroom.

Even though the learning processes may be the same, a worksheet presented as a game is received differently by students compared to a typical worksheet. Part of this thinking shift could be due to the increased excitement of the teacher when passing out the game sheet versus the simple worksheet. Perception is everything when it comes to learning and productivity!

The goal as a teacher is to make sure the student completes the learning activity and retains the information. When you turn the activity into a game, the retention rate increases significantly.

How to Play the Lizard Learning Fun Scrabble Spelling Game:

  1. Download and Print: Start by downloading and printing the sheets for each student.
  2. Prepare Words: Write words that match their skill level in the left-hand column with the letters given at the top of the page.
  3. Match Letters to Numbers: Once each student has their sheet, they must match the letters in each word and write the corresponding number in the middle column.
  4. Build Equations: Students continue finding the accurate numbers and place a plus sign between each one.
  5. Calculate Totals: Once each student has built their equation, they total the numbers in the middle column and write the result in the right-hand column.
  6. Share Results: Have them share their results and learn from their mistakes.

Options for Increased Difficulty:

  • Student-Created Words: Have the students spell their own words.
  • High-Number Challenges: Challenge students to use high-numbered letters to get higher word values. (Hint: see who can get the highest or lowest word value)
  • Speed Challenges: Challenge students to see who can get the accurate word values the fastest from the words written in the spelling word column.

Extension Ideas for This Activity:

  • Words of the Week: Students can create words of the week and complete this activity for each weekly word.
  • Homophones: Ask students to write different homophones, for example, the word “there.” Students can see what each word value totals.

The Fun Scrabble Spelling activity is accessible at many different learning levels and is so enjoyable that your students may not even realise they are learning. Increased participation in your classroom boosts retention because students are thinking for themselves and voicing their answers. This allows the opportunity for correction or for students to help each other correct mistakes.

This activity also intertwines literacy learning with numeracy, challenging students to implement their knowledge accurately.

Use this fun activity repeatedly in different ways with the options for increased difficulty to keep students engaged while learning.

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