Great Teachers Reevaluate

Image for Blog Post 6 JulyHave you ever sat up all night planning this amazing lesson where you thought the kids are going to love this?!?! Instead you find the lesson, content, or activity you placed your heart, soul and weekend into, was just one.big.major.flop?!?!! 😨

🌍 A Solar System unit for my year 3 class was one of those epic fails for me in my first year of teaching. So for any uni students or new grads out in the field soon, continue to plan, plan, plan away knowing that great teachers are always learning, changing, and reevaluating themselves personally, their teachings, their students and their lessons on a daily basis.

The next time you find yourself in a lesson where the wheels are completely falling off the wagon remember, “great teachers are constantly reevaluating what they are doing” (pic image unknown) then place a big smile on your face and know the bell will ring for lunch soon.
I promise, that only in a few, short days you will find yourself back at the computer on your weekends, planning yet another terrific lesson or unit which will have you thinking…the kids are going to love this!!! 💟


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