Growth Mindset Colouring Sheets

Colouring-in sheets for the classroom that focus on positive self-talk and affirming messages.


A wonderful addition to any classroom or home learning space for students’ growth mindset.

Affirmations and using positive self-talk boosts self-esteem and self-confidence that can make a huge difference in a student’s sense of self and self-worth. When students are surrounded by these messages on a daily basis, using positive affirmations becomes a new way of thinking for students that will become habit-forming.

Helps Build a Healthy Mind

These fun colouring worksheets can be used as mini-posters to laminate, colouring-in sheets to use on book covers or take home as a conversation starter with the family to open the discussion about growth mindset and how this can work in the home too.

I loved a colourful classroom! I personally would use these positive and colourful worksheets as a display in the classroom to ensure a welcoming and encouraging space. Displaying affirmations around the classroom will continue the practice of using them consistently and reinforcing positive messages to boost students’ self-esteem, self-confidence and growth mindset.



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