Growth Mindset

Cultivate a Growth Mindset with Our “I Have a Growth Mindset” Worksheet!

Start developing a growth mindset within your children with the aid of this super resource. It’s a great starting point for discussions relating to mindset and success, helping realign kids’ thought processes when they are faced with a challenge.

Psychologist Carol Dweck brought the concept of fixed vs growth mindset to the attention of educators, and it is now a philosophy embedded in many education systems around the world.

Helping our children develop a growth mindset is one of the best things we can do for them. As educators, we need to understand the benefits and appreciate how they can improve our kids’ future success and happiness.

Having a growth mindset creates children who want to learn. They will embrace challenges, persevere when something is difficult, be proud of their efforts rather than their attainment, and be able to accept criticism and learn from others.

To help them develop this type of thinking, adults must first teach kids about growth mindset and give them the tools to think differently about challenges. This “I Have a Growth Mindset” Worksheet is a perfect place to start. The worksheet can be used during a lesson on personal health and wellbeing as it addresses the importance of adjusting the language we use.

How to Use the “I Have a Growth Mindset” Worksheet:

  1. Download and Print the Worksheet: Save time on preparation with this ready-to-use resource.
  2. Introduce and Discuss the Concept: Talk about growth mindset with your class and provide examples of fixed vs growth mindset.
  3. Complete the Worksheet: The left-hand side of the sheet contains four quotes from people with fixed mindsets. On the right, there are four empty speech bubbles. Children must rephrase the quotes to demonstrate what someone might say if they had a growth mindset instead.
  4. Reflect: Discuss the topic as a class and then allow students to complete the sheet independently, giving them time to think quietly and absorb what they’ve learned.

Extension Activities and Fun Ideas:

  • Create Growth Mindset Posters: Once students have rephrased the quotes, use them to create posters. Display these around the school or classroom as positive reminders.
  • Challenge Fixed Mindsets: Encourage students to support each other by helping friends adjust their thinking and language.
  • Celebrate Effort: Focus on celebrating effort and overcoming challenges, not just academic success. Consider weekly awards directed towards students who have tried hard and persevered.

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