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Apr 21, 2020 | Old Posts

Yesterday, my daughter Ava received her Learning At Home pack from her school. We live in Queensland and the current directive from Education Queensland means our schools are moving to online learning when the Easter holidays finish. This will be our new normal for 5 weeks at this stage.

Learning At Home will bring new challenges for families, however these challenges can be reduced with a little structure in place. To help we have created a LEARN AT HOME CHECKLIST as a free resource for families. Print and laminate (if you can – but not necessary) and this will help your child to be responsible for their own home learning school day.

Here are three tips to support your family moving into home learning. You never know, when school goes back home learning might be so successful for you, that homework becomes a positive experience . There is always a silver lining if we look for one.

  1. Routine – Children thrive on routine, as do adults. Try to bring structure into your day by setting the alarm and waking at the same time each day. Get ready for the school day as normal. This may even be the putting on of the school uniform and making the lunches. This will be different for all families. Creating some kind of preparation that is different from the weekends will set the stage for learning … and listening!
  2. Organise A Specific Learning Area – As best you can, provide a small space in the house where your child can complete their home learning away from other distractions. This doesn’t have to be fancy. I am all about using what you can and how you can. However experience from our tutoring sessions at Lizard Learning Tutoring proves that providing a dedicated learning space for your child can assist in nurturing learning, creativity, imagination, enhance their focus and increase their motivation levels. Also aim for this space to be to be lit by natural light if possible. A few little adjustments to the home and everyone will be well on the way to a positive home learning experience
  3. Responsibilities – Parents and students will have their own responsibilities when it comes to setting up learning materials and making sure the learning day runs smoothly. Our job as the ‘teacher-at-home’ is to be prepared with the lesson/s and have all the relevant learning material printed for the day, as well as all the relevant stationery such as pencils, rulers, books, extra paper and erasers.

It’s a great idea for parents to read through the lessons the day before and gather any resources that will be needed.  Have a look through the lesson plan to understand what is required and see what extra materials are needed. There will be books to access (most are online in read-throughs on YouTube) and maths materials your child will need (definitely the early years Prep – Year 3). Maybe preview and bookmark these resources for easier and quicker access when needed.

Our children are responsible for keeping their home learning area neat, tidy and equipment ready for lessons; ensuring their pencil is sharpened, the correct book is out on their desk and their learning area is neat, tidy and they have the right attitude and are ready to learn when the school day starts.

It’s going to be a huge learning curve teaching your child at home, but with a little pre-preparation the learning at home experience will be a much easier one.

A side note and a very important one!  We are all going to be home learning differently. Some families will thrive and some families will count their success if they just survive self-isolation together! Keep perspective, adapt as you go and seek support from the classroom teacher when it is required.

Happy HOME LEARNING! We are all in this together.

Please enjoy the free download – I CAN LEARN AT HOME CHECKLIST

All free resources are updated fortnightly. If this freebie is not available visit HERE to grab the latest free resource on us!

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