Improve Whole Class Maths And English In Just 30 Mins Per Day... While Saving 7+ Hours Per Week Of Planning And Prep

The core of the Lizard Learning Memberships is the 10 Quick Questions A Day Program. 

Based on the Science of Learning, it leads to rapid improvements in Maths and English – for every student in your class – regardless of where they are now.

The unique design makes use of Daily Reviews and is tested in the trenches on more than 37,000 students by more than 1600 classroom teachers.

Best of all, it is a full year, step-by-step, progressive curriculum complete with questions and answers – saving you hundreds of hours of planning and prep each year!

Our memberships are so much more than tools though, and we have one-of-a-kind trainings and resources to help you navigate the toughest parts of teacher life.


Loved by over 37,000 students, in the home & classroom

5 Star Rating from thousands of teachers & homeschoolers!

Featured on the Today Show, Channel 9.

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Why We Are Different To All The Other Teaching Resources

Our Lizard Learning memberships are not a bunch of random tools, worksheets or resources.

Sure, we have some of these (and they’re great).

Our goal though, is to give you a system that consistently and predictably improves your students outcomes in Mathematics and English, while also making teacher life easier and less stressful.

Before ‘Daily Reviews’ and ‘Science of Learning’ were buzz terms, Lizard Learning Founder Cindy Holmberg-Smith realised there was a need for evidence based primary education.

Cindy took a sabbatical from teaching to delve into the research – and created The 10 Quick Questions A Day Program.

The result was a system of teaching that:

Today Cindy gets almost daily feedback on how much the program has changed the lives of teachers and their students!

For this reason, the 10 Quick Questions A Day Program is included in all our memberships.

The 10 Quick Questions A Day Program At A Glance

Our Memberships Help You With The Challenges Of Teaching

Being a career teacher, Cindy understands that a lot of the challenges of teaching happens outside the classroom.

While no teacher should ever feel guilty about spending the holidays watching Netflix 😉 the reality is there are better ways to get more joy and satisfaction out of the job.

Inside our Teacher Mastermind Members Hub, you will find a one of a kind safe space that is dedicated to making the teaching journey easier and more uplifting.

Our Teacher Mastermind Members Hub also has access to additional evidence based tools and resources, so you know you are meeting your students with proven resources.

How The 10 Quick Questions A Day Program Works

Meet The Founder, Cindy Holmberg-Smith

Hey Cindy  here, so glad you found me!

I started Lizard Learning back in 2016 because I saw a desperate need for evidence based teaching strategies for primary aged kids.

In fact I had built in the Daily Review strategy several years before it became popular!

Like many teachers, I became burnt out from the pressures of the classroom and decided to take time off. I used that time to develop what eventually became the 10 Quick Questions A Day system of Maths and English that has become a game changer for thousands of teachers.

My 10 Quick Questions A Day Program even led to me being featured on Channel 9’s Today Show, and now has been used by tens of thousands of students.

Eventually I realised that I loved educating, and returned to teaching. However, I knew I wanted to support other teachers to avoid burn out and overwhelm that often goes with the job.

I look forward to sharing my strategies for easier and more fulfilling teaching in our Daily Review and Teacher Mastermind Hub Memberships!

Works In Any Country!

While Cindy hails from beautiful Queensland, Australia – all our memberships can be used anywhere in the world!

Whether you use the metric or imperial system, or pounds, pennies or ‘pineapples’ (that’s what Aussies call our yellow $50 bills!) – you can be sure that our membership portal has you covered.

Your membership is 100% electronic and can be accessed anywhere and on any device.

Which Membership Is Right For You?

The Daily Review Standard

Perfect for homeschool families or the teacher who just needs a single year of the 10 Quick Questions A Day Program for a full year curriculum of Maths and English excellence.

The Daily Review Premium

If you teach more than one year at school, or if you have more than one child in homeschooling, then this is perfect. You get full access to years 1 – 6 of 10 Quick Questions A Day as well as our Punctuation and Spelling Bootcamp.

The Teacher Mastermind Members Hub

This is for the teacher who is passionate about teaching and wants to love the journey more and more each year.

You have full access to years 1 – 6 of the 10 Quick Questions A Day Program to ensure you are at the cutting edge of teaching Maths and English, while saving your precious free time from classroom planning.

On top of that you get access to all the Lizard Learning tools and resources to make daily teaching simple – you won’t find tools like this anywhere on the internet!

Lastly, the Teacher Mastermind Members Hub gives you access to a community of like-minded and committed teachers just like you.

I’m so passionate about helping great teachers to move effortlessly through the challenges of school life and to keep (or reignite!) their love for teaching.

Our exclusive community is the place for you work through challenges and feel uplifted about teaching – in a safe space away from your school.

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Not sure if the membership is for you? 
Not everyone needs all the support or extra’s we’ve included in the membership.

However the last thing we want is you missing out on our timesaving tool for teachers, the Daily Review Program,
so we’ve put together these two subscription options so you can have access to our program for an entire year! 

The Daily Review - Premium

40 weeks – Every Day – Whole School Year
Perfect for Teachers
Ideal for Homeschoolers


$15 per month

$180 Billed Annually

The Daily Review - Standard

40 weeks – Every Day – Whole School Year
Ideal for Homeschoolers
who don’t need “it all” and teachers with just 1 year


$10 per month

$120 Billed Annually

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Can this be used for homeschool?

Absolutely! The 10 Quick Questions A Day Program was designed for both the home and classroom.

Is this just the same as everything else out there for teachers?

No! Nothing on the market can cover two curriculum subjects with such simplicity to make for easy learning.

Can this really be done in 30 minutes a day?

It can! In fact many students will do it in less with the confidence that they are meeting their year level requirements.

Yes! I spent years researching, developing and testing the program. It is literally my life’s work so please just use the copy that you bought. Thanks in advance!

How soon can I access my resources?

Instantly! Once you choose to purchase your 10 Quick Questions A Day Program will be immediately available in your online portal.

Does this work for every year level?

The 10 Quick Questions A Day Program is for primary years 1 – 6.

What exactly is included?

The 10 Quick Questions A Day Program for the entire year is included in every subscription package.

Our best value package is the “Teacher Mastermind Membership” which includes, terms 1 through to 4, for ALL year levels. Plus Our bootcamp books AND our relief teacher survival guides.

All other subscriptions include all terms for the year level you select.