A time-saving tool for teachers

📒 Planned-For-You daily revision program
🔢 2000 questions per year level 1 – 6
Covers Maths and English in a single resource
Easy to complete in 30 minutes or less each day
🔍 Quickly identifies gaps in learning
🧠 Based on the Science of Learning
🌟 Definitions at most questions
🩵 Reduces resistance to learning
Answers included

Loved by over 37,000 students, in the home & classroom

5 Star Rating from thousands of teachers & homeschoolers!

Featured on the Today Show, Channel 9.


The Daily Review Program


About Lizard Learning

Hello, and thank you for stopping by. I’m Cindy Holmberg-Smith the founder of this exciting and fun educational company, Lizard Learning.

Our purpose is to create quality professional teaching tools and resources that help busy primary school teachers, relief teachers, home-schooling parents, and dedicated parents, motivate, inspire and engage children in success and achievement in the primary school years.

After a decade of teaching, I knew I wanted to find a better way to simplify both student progress and yearly planning.

I threw myself into research mode, and I discovered some science that changed the game for myself and my students.

Let’s Take A Closer Look At The Daily Review Program

Developed For All Types Of Learners

Program creator Cindy Holmberg-Smith has been an educator for two decades – both in classrooms and in the home – and understands the demands on parents and kids. The program is designed to meet all types of learners.

Loved By Over 37,000 Kids!

The 10 Quick Questions A Day Program has been in homes and classrooms for more than 5 years and has helped more than 37,000 students to progress with confidence.

What you get when you join our Teacher Mastermind Membership Hub

Not sure which package is right for you? We’ve spent MONTHS brainstorming the perfect packages that will suit anyone who’s looking to simplify their teaching experience and enhance their students experience too! Our flagship package is of course our value packed Teacher Mastermind Membership Hub (Teacher MMH). This is absolutely perfect for you if you just want it all! Every resource for every year level plus supportive resources to help teachers like you survive the day! If this doesn’t feel right for you, simply scroll down to check out our more simplified options that are bound to cater to your individual needs.

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Teacher Mastermind Hub

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All Online Programs

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$15.83c per month

Billed Annually $240 ($190 with the promo)

The Daily Review - Premium

40 weeks – Every Day – Whole School Year
Perfect for Teachers
Ideal for Homeschoolers


$15 per month

$180 Billed Annually

The Daily Review - Standard

40 weeks – Every Day – Whole School Year
Ideal for Homeschoolers
who don’t need “it all


$10 per month

$120 Billed Annually

Select A Year/Grade Level
Can this be used for homeschool?

Absolutely! The 10 Quick Questions A Day Program was designed for both the home and classroom.

Is this just the same as everything else out there for teachers?

No! Nothing on the market can cover two curriculum subjects with such simplicity to make for easy learning.

Can this really be done in 30 minutes a day?

It can! In fact many students will do it in less with the confidence that they are meeting their year level requirements.

Yes! I spent years researching, developing and testing the program. It is literally my life’s work so please just use the copy that you bought. Thanks in advance!

How soon can I access my resources?

Instantly! Once you choose to purchase your 10 Quick Questions A Day Program will be immediately available in your online portal.

Does this work for every year level?

The 10 Quick Questions A Day Program is for primary years 1 – 6.

What exactly is included?

The 10 Quick Questions A Day Program for the entire year is included in every subscription package.

Our best value package is the “All Access Pass” which includes, terms 1 through to 4, for ALL year levels. Plus Our bootcamp books AND our relief teacher survival guides.

All other subscriptions include all terms for the year level you select.