Ladybird Contractions

Transform Contractions into Fun with Our Ladybird Contractions Activity!

Help your students master the art of using contractions with our delightful Ladybird Contractions activity. It’s educational, they’ll love it, and you’ll save time resourcing. So don’t wait any longer – this engaging activity is now part of our Teacher Mastermind Hub membership!

Contractions are commonly used in spoken language. We form them naturally when we speak and use them all the time. When it comes to writing, contractions make the text chattier and more familiar, giving it an informal and relaxed tone.

At school, students will learn what contractions are, how to use them, and when. This Ladybird Contractions activity is the perfect way to help them understand the concept.

How to Use the Ladybird Contractions Activity:

  1. Download and Print the PDF: Ensure you have enough copies for your class. To save ink, you can adjust your print settings to black and white.
  2. Familiarise Students with the Words: Encourage students to read the words on the ladybirds and the contraction word bank below.
  3. Match and Glue: Students cut out the words from the word bank, match them to the correct ladybird, and glue the contraction onto the ladybird.

The activity displays nine ladybirds, each with words that can be transformed into a contraction. At the bottom of the page is a bank of contractions that students must match to the correct ladybird. This type of activity encourages them to think about how to form contractions and shows them the correct spellings for each.

Create Your Own Contractions Activity:

Even without our resource sheet, you can still bring the excitement of contractions to your classroom with a few simple steps:

  1. Draw Ladybirds: Use a blank sheet of paper to draw several ladybirds.
  2. Write Words: Write words on each ladybird that can be transformed into a contraction.
  3. Create a Word Bank: List the contractions separately.
  4. Cut and Match: Have students cut out the words and match them to the corresponding ladybirds.

While creating your own activities can be fun, it can also be time-consuming. If you’re looking for done-for-you resources to save time and enhance your teaching, our Teacher Mastermind Hub is the answer!

Extension Activities and Fun Ideas:

Learning grammar rules can be a little grey at times, but we have some ideas to make learning more fun:

  • Create a Tabletop Contraction Puzzle Game: Use strips of paper in two different colours and write the start of each contraction on one colour and the endings on the other. Spread the strips out on a desk and have students match the pieces. For variations, turn the cards face down for a memory match game or use a timer for a race against the clock.
  • Illustrate Contractions with Scissors: Write or print words on strips of paper. Provide scissors for students to snip away the letters that aren’t needed, then replace them with the correctly contracted ending. This hands-on activity helps illustrate exactly what happens when contractions are formed.

This Ladybird Contractions sheet is a fantastic resource to use in a variety of contexts. It’s perfect as a starter for an English lesson, the main activity during a grammar lesson, a revision activity, a morning starter, or even as a homework task. It’s guaranteed to save you time resourcing – just download, print, and you’re ready to go!

While creating your own activities can be fun, it can also be time-consuming. If you’re looking for done-for-you resources to save time and enhance your teaching, our Teacher Mastermind Hub is the answer!

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