3 Dice Problem

Use three dice to help solve the problem of what addition combinations are needed to always obtain an even total. Children use 3 dice to generate and record their own data and use these results to develop the conclusions.


Are you overwhelmed with all the curriculum content to deliver?

Are you reinforcing the fundamentals in literacy and numeracy?

Do you have a consistent approach to daily revision?


You need 10 Quick Questions a Day!

A consistent and concise teaching resource in the fundamentals of both literacy and numeracy.
Why reinvent the wheel when we’ve already created all that you need.

If you are like most teachers, you’re facing increasing pressures and time is in short supply. You believe in giving children a well-balanced structured program that develops confidence and an enjoyment of learning.

The 10 Quick Questions a Day program is designed to develop and engage children in two key areas – literacy and numeracy. With its consistent format and repetitive revision of key concepts the program reinforces your teachings every day. Children learn easily without panicking.

10 Quick Questions a Day has been designed to support the current Australian Primary School Literacy and Numeracy Curriculum and easily slots into your existing classroom program. 10 Quick Questions a Day was developed by teachers for teachers as a timesaving tool. Designed to develop the fundamental and ongoing understanding of grammar, spelling, sentence structure and punctuation as well as number sense, mathematical processes, measurement, space, chance and data, problem solving and mathematical thinking, in one clear and fun format. It’s a fantastic homework tool!


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