Many people possess leadership qualities, but can your students find them in this word search?

Leadership is a fascinating topic to discuss with children as they are still forming their ideas about what it means to be a good person and by extension a good leader. Children are often very concrete thinkers. Discussions about leadership are more straightforward when centred on activities that encourage them to come up with specific examples. Our suggestions are all easily scalable depending on how old your students are or how much time you have.

Famous Leaders

The newspapers and history books are filled with stories of prominent leaders. It can be fun and informative to take words from the search like ‘fair’ or ‘trust’ and give different leaders ‘grades’ based on how students think they perform in that category. It could also be a fun way to launch a research assignment about famous figures.

Different Types of Leaders

Different countries have different kinds of leaders. Encourage your kids to find out why. What is the difference between a prime minister and a president? Why doesn’t every country have royalty? There are so many different types of leaders and reasons why a state has a particular style of leadership. The different types of leaders can also provide an insight into a countries history and culture.

Leaders in Your Life

Encourage students to discuss the different leaders in their life and how they lead. Parents, teachers, and coaches are just a few that they could list.


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