Lessons from Remote Learning

The last seven weeks of teaching have been an absolute whirlwind with so many highs, lows, wins and fails along the way, despite the challenges.

Aaron Johnson is an Assistant Principal and classroom teacher in the beautiful Central Coast region of New South Wales. Aaron shares his open thoughts, encouragement and wisdom about teacher and classroom life, regularly on Instagram and Facebook.

In this week’s blog, Aaron shares his thoughts on his Lessons from Remote Learning, and the whirlwind situation he and many teachers faced during COVID-19. The amazing highs, lows, wins and fails along the way!

About Mr J

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The last 7 weeks of teaching have been an absolute whirlwind with so many highs, lows, wins and fails along the way. Despite the challenges it’s been an incredibly valuable learning experience for me as a teacher and leader. I’ve learnt new skills, deepened my understanding in so many areas and grown in ways I probably would never have without things playing out the way they have over the past few months.

My Inspiration

Inspiration came to me by my wonderful friend @teaandcountryteaching to share some of the lessons I’ve learnt and how I’ll take those things with me as I return to full time face-to-face teaching this week

I have been framing my reflections around these 3 ideas:

START – something new I’m going to do when I’m back in the classroom

REPEAT – something from my remote learning that I’ll continue in the physical classroom

DELETE – something I’ll stop doing when I return to teaching face-to-face

In the future I will start making more use of Google Classroom and the assignments feature in my day-to-day class work.

I will continue using my daily check in/out systems with my students and encourage them to be more mindful, aware and reflective of how they’re going. When I return to the classroom tomorrow I’m going to stop using zoom, but continue creating daily opportunities for students to connect with one another socially in the classroom and share what’s happening in their world

Any Questions?

What lessons have you learnt during your remote learning journey?
How was it changed you and grown you as an educator?

I’d love you to share your own START REPEAT DELETE thoughts.

Well done teachers on everything you have achieved and conquered over the past few months. You’ve reinvented yourself and your teaching overnight to ensure that no matter where your students are they still get the very best learning opportunities possible. Let’s never lose our capacity to reflect on what we’re doing, look for new ideas or ways of doing things and grow who we are and what we do as educators

Teachers, you are amazing!

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