Are you overwhelmed with all the curriculum content to deliver? YES

Are you reinforcing the fundamentals in literacy and numeracy? No

Do you have a consistent approach to daily revision? NO

The Answer is

10 Quick Questions a Day

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Time Saving Tools for Teachers.

I think the resource is excellent. I am using this as a daily revision / warm up for my 2 girls at home. I am a teacher but high school (PDHPE).


Mother and High School Teacher

Thank you for a great resource; while I don’t use it all, my class LOVE IT! The grammar and punctuation questions are great! I am aiming to have my whole year level (potentially 4 classes) on board next year to use as our homework program.


Year 6 Classroom Teacher, Northside Brisbane

I have introduced this into the class this week and now all the teachers at school that have seen it want copies! It’s a fantastic resource. Thank you again.

Melissa Pearce

Year 2/3 Classroom Teacher, Victoria

What Does 10 Quick Questions A Day Include?

The 10 Quick Questions a Day program is a series of workbooks for primary school children in Years 1-6.

Student workbooks contain 10 Quick Questions a Day for each 10 week term.

Every day has 5 literacy questions; punctuation, grammar, spelling, reading comprehension and writing, PLUS 5 numeracy questions; time, number measurement/chance & data, space/shapes/graphs and problem solving.

Pages are filled with engaging illustrations and graphics to maintain interest.

Answers included.

How will 10 Quick Questions a Day help me and my students?

A multitude of uses; daily brain warm-ups, an excellent Naplan preparation tool, fast finishers, group work station activity, great for remedial or extension daily day buddies, weekly tests and more.

It can be used as your homework program allowing more time for classroom daily planning instead of your spare time spent preparing page after page of homework sheets. The fundamentals in TWO curriculums have been done for you. Parents can view the daily work taught in the classroom and can be involved in their child’s learning.

This program will provide all the peace of mind knowing you are helping your students succeed in these two very important key learning areas.

10 Quick Questions a Day provides constant reinforcement of concepts. Its repetitive and consistent page layout with definitions attached, allows for easy retention of learned concepts.

Great for NAPLAN preparation increasing self-esteem and confidence with daily NAPLAN style questions in two main curriculum areas for all year levels.

The daily definitions will give your children confidence, self-esteem and a positive attitude towards learning.

You can now be totally ‘present’ at home because you have a system in place. Be that awesome friend, son, daughter, mother, father, aunt, uncle, without racing off to plan your literacy and numeracy curriculum on the weekends. More family and friends time for you!

Thank you so very much. I was a bit hesitant paying etc but you know what, I am going to email the people I teach with all about you and encourage them all to join.

Hard finding what I wanted but I did with you. We work our literacy based on the four block model, so I am always looking for warm up activities, as you have provided for me, something when the children arrive that is literacy based and ready for them to begin learning whilst waiting to read to either teacher.

I have tried different things but with varying levels of ability, it was a challenge. The work you provided will cover 8 out of my ten children leaving me to organise letter id activities, MIOOW words for two struggling boys. I can’t thank you enough. If I am able to, I will purchase Term 4 and then begin next year as well.


Special Needs Teacher, Victoria

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