Sorting, classifying and matching are the basic skills required for maths development. These skills are the foundations for kindy and prep curriculum areas with which teachers will access each child to gain their understanding in these foundational mathematical principles.

Match the Faces

The FACE MATCH CARDS activity is a great activity to develop fine motor development, coordination, concentration, learning about colours, features and characteristics. Sorting and Matching activities are very easy to set-up. All you need are some objects to ‘sort’ and objects to ‘match.’ An easy and simple activity is to use counters in various colours and shapes found in all classrooms. These activities will always arouse any child’s playfulness and curiously to have-a-go!

Match characteristics and features

This activity from the Lizard Learning Club PLUS Membership will have your child developing and using skills such as fine motor control, hand/eye co-ordination, problem solving, concentration, perseverance to complete a set task, classifying/sorting/matching and language development.

Sorting, classifying and matching are the basic skills required for maths development

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