Multiplication Monkeys

Moneky Fun with Math
Use this fun game to practise your multiplication facts. Roll 2 die, multiply and cover the answer on this game board. The player with four in a row will be the winner. 

Multiplication can be fun with Multiplication Monkeys. This multiplication game helps students memorise their multiplication facts as well as develop their strategic thinking and turn taking skills.

Multiplication is a fundamental skill in mathematics that we use in our daily lives more than we even realise. So, in many curriculums worldwide, knowing the times table to at least 12 is deemed essential.

Multiplication is more than just memorising facts, students need to understand the concept and how to apply it. But, once this has been achieved, it is then often easier and quicker for students to memorise their multiplication facts. And, in doing this they will achieve a greater degree of mathematical fluency. This in turn will boost their confidence, speed and accuracy, when it comes to calculating.

Thankfully, many old-school methods of teaching multiplication are now outdated. Instead, teachers are now looking for fun and creative ways for their students to learn.

Multiplication Monkeys offers just that!

A multiplication game perfect for a math lesson starter or a math homework task. It helps students to practise their multiplication recall and how to think strategically. The game is for two players which allows them to practise taking turns and playing fair.

All this in just one, easy to organise resource!

How to use Multiplication Monkeys:

Note: This game requires 2 players.

  1. Print the game board, collect 2 dice and game counters in 2 different colours.
  2. Each player takes a turn to roll both dice. Then the values shown on the dice must be multiplied together by the player that rolled them.
  3. That player must then find the answer on the number grid and place one of their coloured counters over that number.
  4. The aim of the game is to get 4 coloured counters in a row. Therefore, players must think carefully about where to place their pieces.

Extension Activities and Fun ideas:

  • Ask your students to create their own Multiplication Monkey grid. In order to do this, they must think about all the possible answers a 6-sided dice combo could generate. This will get them practising multiplication skills but also requires them to think and work systematically to explore the possible answers.
  • If you want to make the above activity even more of a challenge introduce some 9 or 12-sided dice.
  • Turn the activity into a giant playground game to entertain students during recess break and lunch. If your school has a grid painted on the playground floor, then this would be ideal. If not, grab some chalk and ask the students to replicate the Multiplication Monkey grid on a giant scale. Finally, get your hands on some giant dice and some sports cones to use as counters, and there you have it… Multiplication Monkeys on a large scale!



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