Naplan Readiness Begins In All Year Levels

With Naplan just around the corner, everyone is looking for hints and tips on how to get ready. The stress on the children and teachers is building to a fever pitch and people are looking for a quick-fix. I know because I’ve been in your shoes. I was a Year 3 teacher for most of my career and I always felt pressured to produce great results for my students, the parents and the school.

Sadly, there is no such thing as a quick-fix when it comes to Naplan, and exams in general. It should not be a rushed, frantic, and chaotic time with teachers pressuring their students to do well in the last three weeks before the test. Cramming new concepts the day before is a sure way to see students throw their pens in the air and give up.

Firstly, let’s look at the complete scenario here. Students taking their first Naplan test have already been in formal schooling for three years including Prep. There will have been simple exams during those time, though nothing that compares with the pressure of Naplan. Suddenly, they hit year three and it’s all guns blazing. One teacher is expected to teach new concepts, consolidate that into the deep understanding required for Naplan, and prepare the students for the process itself. I can’t be alone in thinking this is too much!!

What is the answer? I believe it’s a whole-school approach that starts in Prep. “Wait a minute Cindy, that’s way too young!” I hear you say. “Kids in Prep shouldn’t be bombarded with exams.” In this, I couldn’t agree more. Preparing a child for a test, in my educated teacher eyes, is many things and not one of them is writing on a test paper. It is demonstrating a relaxed approach in all testing conditions; maintaining the same consistent positive and affirmative language when a child must sit to do reading, spelling, or maths; and of course, consistently and constantly teaching, revising and consolidating the basic fundamentals in literacy and numeracy. Building these skills early will have all students sliding smoothly into and out of the official Naplan testing period in May in years 3, 5, 7 and 9.

I have heard some horror stories from teachers about what is expected of them from the powers that be leading into Naplan testing. It really is a no-brainer to use Naplan as a wonderful time with your students. You are all in it together, with daily delivery of curriculum content. Using the 10 Quick Questions a Day resource is SPOT ON for the revision from the daily content you have taught. Remember that preparing your class is not only about making them more knowledgeable, you also need to increase their exposure to test situations. This will increase their confidence in their classroom work and in school assessments, reduce anxiety and help them remain calm so they can give their best on the day.

As a year three teacher for the majority of my teaching see how we help teachers prepare their students for a stress-free experience at any kind of testing time and best of all, Lizard Learning has done all the preparation for you. A whole week free sample is here for over 3 hours of teaching content we have written to make life easier for you and to ensure your students receive the daily and consistent revision they need to succeed in the primary school years. DOWNLOAD HERE >


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