We are abundant in nature so why not use what we already have to create art projects in our classroom. Did you know in 2016, the 7 billion people who populate the globe produced over 320 million tons of plastic?! It’s no wonder that around 8 million pieces of PLASTIC are found in our ocean, river and creek systems. 

By 2034 this 320 million ton figure is set to double. Hopefully with growing awareness and “Don’t Forget Your Bag” campaigns across grocery stores both large and small, this number may be significantly reduced. 

The picture credit below is unknown but the activity idea is fantastic for a new way to use confetti that is biodegradable and may smell really nice too depending on the leaves and plants you use.

The leaf that is left over also has craft potential as you can dab some paint over them to make great designs for cards or on posters. Craft stores or the craft section of your local office supply store might even have hole punches with different designs. Check them out.

Confetti Galore!

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