Overtime For Teachers. We’d Be Rich!

My goodness teachers rock out great events. They place SO much work into making sure every detail is perfect. I just need to say that my hat goes off to any teacher who is or has prepared for any kind of large scale event such as art shows, musicals, information evenings, cross country sport’s days, swimming carnivals, Christmas concerts…I could go on!

If you’re new to following me, this year I’m enjoying being a mum to a 4 year old who is heading into big school next year. We are being invited to all kinds of school events in our local area so schools can showcase how amazing they are.

Ava goes to the most amazing Kindy here in Brisbane and last week Habitat Early Learning held an information night on how to prepare a child for prep, along with a school expo.

Now as a mum watching on, but who has been a teacher since 2004, I would have thought these beautiful teachers were paid for ‘after hours’ events. As a teacher I know differently of course. It was extraordinary!!

I guess when I was in the thick of teaching, it was just my job and I didn’t have time to think about those extra hours, the huge amount of prep that went into these public evenings or even, that I wasn’t being paid overtime (wouldn’t that be great!) for all that effort.

Wine, cheese, savoury sausage rolls, quiches, and punch. What a lavish evening for parents. Those wines went quick!!

There were at least two teachers from each school at their school stand followed by a full comprehensive information session that included ways to prepare Ava for prep!

This all started at 6:30pm and ended just after 8:30pm. Those hardworking teachers started their teaching day at around 8am earlier that morning.

You are amazing teachers! Go spread that sparkle today and keep shining brightly!

Cindy xo


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