PREP SUPERSTAR – I Rocked the First Week of Prep!

My daughter started her first year at prep on Monday and with that came so many emotions. These emotions are the same as the first day of the new school year for teachers. It’s filled with nerves, apprehension, anxiety, a little bit of terror but also the bigger emotions of massive excitement, anticipation and joy that being back in the classroom can bring.

This week I have to admit I have been a little wobbly on the emotional front. 2:15pm each day couldn’t come fast enough to head off for classroom pick-up to hear, see and experience Ava’s classroom journey from my own child’s eyes. I know I keep repeating this, but it is so very different being on the other side of the fence within a classroom environment. It has been priceless and a total joy.

Luckily teachers and parents have kept me super busy during the day as they took advantage of the HUGE back-to-school offers we have had and currently are still running with our signature program – 10 Quick Questions a Day. A phenomenal success! My vision for children to use a consistent, daily revision tool to understand and learn the fundamental basics in literacy and numeracy is becoming a reality each day.

To celebrate our little new comers to our school community and the Lizard Learning Family, Sue created for our LITTLE PREPPIES & GRADE 1 STUDENTS these awesome medals:

PREP SUPERSTAR – I Rocked the First Week of Prep!

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Cindy x


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