Sea World is one of many leisure and water parks on the Gold Coast just off the highway at The Spit.  It is a great day for a family to be among the wonders of the oceans’ animals so pack a lunch and some water bottles to enjoy a wonderfully fun day out with the family.

Upon entry to any new place, I always find the information centre and grab a trusty map. Not that I am any good at map reading and it looks like Ava is becoming quite the whizz (thank goodness) however, it gives you a snapshot of the venue so you can easily map out your itinerary. It has always helped me out when I needed the toilets if nothing else!

Firstly I map out all the shows which are usually time specific and require considerable time to line up. Sea World is about 1 hour from Brisbane so we are arriving around the 10am mark and this is the start of the first show in most cases. On the way we locate the next exhibits or shows we would like to see so we sort of have our bearings on the park’s exhibits. As many of the park’s guests are doing the same itinerary, it’s always a good idea to keep ahead of the rest and start pin pointing the venues on your list.

Sea World has many attractions, and I have to say some are better than others. You can visit on days that certain attractions are under maintenance, or have been stopped for the day due to high winds or hazardous conditions so be aware of this and perhaps check ahead.  The attractions include; Shark Bay which is a beautiful aquarium hosting the oceans animals from sharks, fish, rays and turtles to name a few. You can walk below the surface to see the ocean from below and live among the sea life. The first time I walked from the light into its dark tunnels, my jaw dropped once my eyes adjusted. It is enchanting.

Majestic sharks

Not a Ninja

If you can steal yourself away from the majestic animals of the aquarium you can visit Seal Bay, Dolphin Beach, Penguin Point and Ray Reef for more sealife adventures. I highly suggest visiting their website for the full list of attractions as they are changing regularly due to the public’s interests and what is popular at the time season

Touch a Star Fish


Glowing Jellyfish

My other favourite exhibit would have to be the penguins. Visit Antarctica in their wonderful frozen exhibit and see King and Gentoo Penguins swimming, frolicking and waddling their way around their frozen wonderland in the top snow covered viewing area or in the underwater viewing window. At seasonal times you can see the huge fluffy little babies who are enclosed in their own pens. This is a beautiful time to visit to see how their fluffy brown coats shed away as they grow.



Polar Bears

Conservation, education and research are core values of Sea World, they intertwine their message into all their talks and this is especially so at Our World of the Dolphin presentation at Sandy Shores Lagoon. A must-see show displaying the intelligence and skill of the dolphins that call Sea World home.

Sea World isn’t all about the animals and is a great day out for the little ones and big ones alike with rides of all kinds. More so for the little ones in Nickelodeon Land with character Meet and Greets and the Tea Cups, Bananas, helicopters and roller coaster rides.  Ava and I always really enjoy the action packed Turtle Power Show by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The adults will have a real laugh too.  Ava never gets tired meeting Dora, Boots, Deigo, Paw Patrol, Spongebob and the turtles.

Kow-a-bunga Dude!


Dora the Explorer and Boots

To enjoy Sea World over a couple of days or a long holiday away,  Sea World Resort and Water Park is the adjoining Resort and Water Park to Sea World accessed by the monorail, or the gates below to walk through.  In 2008, the Sea World Water Park became part of the resort with regular park guests having to pay an additional fee to make use of the water park.

Visit Sea World’s website for a thorough up-to-date look at what they can offer on your visit. This blog was written in November 2018 and their attractions, character meet and greets, shows and exhibits change regularly.

The great activities listed in this blog are only a snapshot of the things that we love to do during our visits to SeaWorld which number around nearly 30 visits  in Ava’s little years from 2 – 5. I hope this small description gives you some worthwhile information so that you can decide if Sea World is worth the visit when you’re on the Gold Coast.

My biggest tip is buying the season pass. I could never have enjoyed the wonders of Sea World this many times with Ava without this pass which was gifted to us by my sister Linda.

Buy your season pass at Village Roadshow Theme Parks which allows admission to Movie World and Wet N Wild too!


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