Seasons Word Search

Learn New Vocabulary and Have Fun with the Seasons Word Search!

Discover new vocabulary, learn to spell, and have fun at the same time. This Seasons Word Search is a fantastic resource if you’re teaching the topic of seasons or if you’re looking for a constructive way for your students to pass some time in class.

Word search activities are full of benefits for students and are a great tool to use in class. They can be used at the start of a topic to introduce new vocabulary, and while completing word searches, children will practise their reading and spelling skills. As they search for the words, they will be looking closely and thinking carefully about how the words are spelled.

These types of activities are also a great way to calm and relax children. A fun, quiet activity that requires them to focus is a handy technique to settle them after they return from the playground. You could also use them as lesson starters or a morning starter to prepare them for the lesson or day ahead.

And in addition, we shouldn’t forget that they are also just great fun! So, if you’re looking for activities to use during playtimes or lunchtimes, word searches are a great option. They are fun and constructive, meaning children will be learning and developing while enjoying themselves, too.

This activity features a Seasons Word Search, making it perfect if you’re teaching a topic on seasons. It would also make a great starter to a geography lesson to warm up and remind children of key vocabulary. For your convenience, we have also included an answer sheet. This will speed along your marking and make sure you can support your students quickly if they need a little help.

How to Use the Seasons Word Search Activity:

  1. Download, Print Out, and Hand the Resource to Your Students.
  2. Choose a Word: Students select a word from the word bank at the bottom of the page.
  3. Search the Grid: Students search for the chosen word in the grid above.
  4. Mark the Word: Once they have found the word, they can cross it out or colour the squares. Remind them to also mark off the word in the word bank below.

Tip: Words are written from left to right, up and down, and diagonally. Remind children to look out for this!

Extension Activities and Fun Ideas:

  • Create Their Own Word Search: At the end of a topic, ask students to create their own word search. Print out a blank word search grid and have them list all the new vocabulary they have learned. They can then use this list to create a word search for a classmate. It’s a super way to review and embed their learning.
  • Practise Weekly Spelling Words: Use word searches to practise weekly spelling words. They make fun homework activities.
  • Giant Word Searches: If you have space on the playground, chalk out a grid and recreate the Seasons Word Search. Students can mark off the words they find using chalk or cones. This adds a bit of physical activity to their learning.

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