What's your dance style?

Shall We Dance?

Get Moving with the ‘Shall We Dance’ Trivia Quiz!

Thanks to the popularity of shows such as ‘Dancing with the Stars’, dancing has seen a revival. It has become a hot topic, as families tune in to watch household celebrities tango, waltz, and bolero their way across the dancefloor.

Even if your students aren’t fans of such shows, many enjoy dance and will love learning about its different forms. In doing so, it will open their eyes to the wide variety of creative expression that dancing has to offer.

The ‘Shall We Dance’ Trivia Quiz consists of descriptions related to particular types of dancing. At the bottom of the sheet, there is a box of potential answers that match each description. Students must choose a style of dance from this box and match it to the correct description. There is a column titled ‘Name’ where they can write their answers. The activity also comes with a helpful answer sheet—very useful for those teachers who can’t tell their left foot from their right.

This activity brings dancing to the classroom and is suitable for many purposes. It’s great for a morning starter, a short time filler, or for those moments when something interferes with a PE lesson and a theory lesson is needed instead. This activity could be a springboard to a classroom-based Physical Education lesson on dance.

How to Use ‘Shall We Dance’:

  1. Print the ‘Shall We Dance’ Activity Sheet: Hand it out to your students.
  2. Fill in the Answers: Students match the description to a dance and record their answers in the column titled ‘Name’.
  3. Research: If students can’t find the answers to all the descriptions, have reference tools handy (books, tablet, computer, etc.) so they can research the answers.
  4. Provide the Answers: Students can mark their own answers or peer assess with the answer sheet provided.

Extension Activities and Fun Ideas:

  • Theory-Based Physical Ed Lesson: Use online videos of different dance forms. Plan a lesson where students watch and study various dances, analysing and critiquing them.
    • Ask questions such as: How does this form of dance make you feel? What emotions are being conveyed? What do you notice about the footwork? What is the upper body doing?
    • Afterwards, use the ‘Shall We Dance’ activity as a research stimulus. Ask students to research different types of dance and gather as much information as possible. This activity sheet would also make a good homework task following a theory lesson.
  • Team Building Exercises: Split the class into groups and challenge them to complete the sheet. They will need to work collaboratively to discuss their ideas and research unknown answers.
    • Use the 3 B’s concept: Brain (first use your brain – Do you know the answer?), Book (can you find the answer in a book?), Buddy (ask a classmate or a buddy).

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