Lizard Learning Mini Lessons


 A little taster bundle created to kick-start learning in bite side pieces for the primary school years. All resources are produced by passionate and dedicated classroom teachers. This pack provides simple and easy pages that are student, parent and teacher friendly. The perfect resource if you are looking for learning materials that won’t overwhelm. Lizard Learning Mini Lessons encourage revision and consolidation in Maths and English. In addition we have included a collection of fun and engaging resources to motivate, inspire and engage a love of learning. This pack includes a sample range of activities, questions and lessons from our popular packs sold online and in educational bookstores.



10 Quick Questions a Day Program: The all-in-one complete daily curriculum guide to cover the fundamentals in two main learning areas. One whole week free sample provides 5 literacy and 5 numeracy questions every day for easy and simple delivery. This program is a staple in classrooms and used by thousands of Australian primary school teachers.

Bootcamp: Punctuation and Spelling – Our unique BOOTCAMP resource. Burpees and Pushups make an appearance in this resource to keep to the fun bootcamp theme. 25 daily questions to kick start and support revision in punctuation and spelling.

Colouring and Puzzle Pages – 15 minute filler and fast finisher colouring and brain teaser activities. Children will love working through these fabulous colouring and puzzle activities. With an appealing layout ready for instant engagement, each page is designed to provide absorbing enjoyment and satisfaction. Ideal as an additional educational alternative, as a bonus for fast finishers, whole class reward challenges or for just about any time a brain workout if required.

Early Years – Prep: Super fun and educational activities to engage any little learner. These sample pages introduce pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills taught in the early years classroom.

The Lizard Learning Mini Lessons contain these resources:

  • Free Activities delivered to your inbox
  • 10 Quick Questions a Day Program Years 1 to 6 – One whole week sample
  • Bootcamp: Punctuation & Spelling – Years 2 to 6 Sample
  • Early Years – Prep Colouring and Puzzle Book Sample
  • Colouring and Puzzle Book Sample – Year 1 to Year 6

Once you have purchased Lizard Learning Mini Lessons you’ll receive an email with a link to download the file.

Please note the Lizard Learning Mini Lessons includes samples of resources we produce –10 Quick Questions A Day program, Bootcamp: Punctuation and Spelling and Colouring & Puzzle Books. All these resources can also be purchased separately here >

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