Sign Language Spelling

Sign Language Spelling

Engage Students with Sign-Language Spelling!

This lesson idea is perfect for a time-stretched teacher. The activity is easy to prepare as it requires minimal resources, just the printed teaching resource as a prompt, and zero set-up time! It’s a ready-to-go spelling lesson or a quick activity during a literacy lesson. Students will love it too, offering an interesting change from the often dry and monotonous task of learning spelling.

Sign-Language Spelling will capture their attention and offer something new. Learning to spell is essential in developing students’ written communication and also helps develop their reading fluency. It is important for teachers to provide students with different strategies to help them recall spelling words.

Sign-Language Spelling is an excellent strategy for teaching spelling. Not just because it’s fun, but it also engages motor memory—a form of memory created through movements. When students use hand movements to sign, they are also subconsciously engaging their memory, adding another layer of help for memorising spelling words.

How to Use the Teaching Resource:

  1. Teach the Alphabet in Sign Language: Print the Sign-Language Spelling teacher resource and encourage students to use it as a prompt while they learn.
  2. Practice Signing: Once students have practised signing the alphabet, they will write their spelling words in the spelling word grid at the bottom of the page.
  3. Partner Activity: Students pair up and take turns signing a spelling word. Their partner must try to ‘read’ the word they are signing.

Extending Learning and More Lesson Ideas:

  • Spelling Bee with a Twist: Instead of the usual class spelling assessment, organise a spelling bee where students sign the answers. Split the class into teams and score points for each correctly spelled word.
  • Spelling Strategies Bookmarks: Print and give each student a bookmark with spelling strategies. When they read, they can have easy access to strategies to help them decode words and create meaning from the text.
  • Inclusion and Communication: Incorporate sign language into the everyday classroom culture. This generates discussion and awareness about inclusion. As a class, research common phrases in sign language and use them around school.
  • Discussion Topics: Use sign-language spelling as a starting point for discussions around communication, language, and inclusion. Explore these topics during circle time or personal/social studies lessons.

By incorporating sign language into your classroom, you are not only teaching students to spell but also fostering an inclusive environment and enhancing their understanding of communication.

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