Similes – Methods to Support Descriptive Writing in the Classroom

A great teaching resource

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A great teaching resource to help children develop their descriptive writing skills. The Similes activity sheet is a fun tool to teach similes and encourages children to think imaginatively.

 This Simile activity sheet is an effective tool when teaching the concept of similes. Similes are an important skill to learn, as they can be used to add emphasis and make a description more vivid. Students are also encouraged to use similes in their descriptive writing as a device to engage the reader. However, creating suitable similes can be difficult for students when they are first introduced to the technique. Luckily, this activity sheet provides students with plenty of opportunity to practise and it builds in difficulty.

Teachers can use the Simile activity sheet for a variety of purposes.

  1. It is a useful activity for teachers to use during literacy lessons
  2. As a main task
  3. To assess whether students have understood the concept and;
  4. It also makes a great homework task, as it comes complete with an answer sheet which is handy support for parents.


How to use the Simile Activity Sheet

The Simile activity sheet starts with a ‘match-up’ exercise. Students are given a descriptive phrase and they are then asked to draw a line to an animal that best fits the description.

Next comes a ‘fill in the missing word’ activity, where learners are given 5 words and 5 sentences with missing words. Their task is to fill in the missing words to create suitable similes.

The third task becomes a little more challenging and it requires the students to use their imaginations. Students are given 5 sentences in the structure of a simile with missing words. They must then use their own ideas to compare the subject to something similar.

The final exercise on the teaching resource is some lighthearted fun, where the students must compare themselves and create similes relating to them.

Extension Activities and FUN GAMES for further practise

Similes can be a tricky for students to grasp. Therefore, teachers may wish to try one of the following extension activities to give their students more practise.

Teachers could ask students to choose their FAVOURITE SIMILE TO ILLUSTRATE. These illustrations could then be displayed on a literacy working wall for the whole class to see.

Creating a WORKING WALL is a super way to support students in literacy lessons. In this case, the similes on the working wall can be used as inspiration for when students are writing descriptive pieces.

Alternatively, students might enjoy creating an illustrated ‘A-Z OF SIMILES’ BOOK. First, ask them to think of an object starting with each letter of the alphabet. They must then try to create a simile to describe each object.

Games are always the best way to increase engagement in any literacy concept we try to teach in the classroom. Play a game of ‘Silly Similes’. The teacher names an object and the students are challenged to create the silliest simile they can.

Think-quick games are also good fun and guaranteed to create some laughter in the class. Provide students with some objects or picture cards displaying objects. They then have to say the first simile they can think of that relates to that object.

Let me know in the comments what other ways a teacher could use this activity in the classroom.

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