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by | Oct 14, 2020 | Classroom, Literacy, Teaching

Spelling List Spiral is a novel way for students to practise their weekly spelling. The teaching resource can be used in a variety of ways to suit students of different ages and with different interests. Below you will find a number of creative ideas for teachers that want to liven up a grey spelling lesson.

The need to communicate in written form is essential. Writing emails, communicating on social media or good old-fashioned letters, all require written communication skills. Therefore, most literacy curriculums around the world focus closely on spelling, punctuation and grammar.

As a result, learning spelling is generally built into the weekly timetable in most classrooms. However, this can cause challenges for teachers. Keeping spelling lessons fresh and exciting with creative ideas every week can be hard work.

Our Spelling List Spiral is a simple concept that can be adapted in a variety of ways to engage young learners. The activity has so many possible adaptations that Spelling List Spiral could be used on multiple occasions, in different ways during spelling or literacy lessons.

How to Use Spiral Spellings:

  1. Students record their weekly spelling in the table at the bottom of the page. This can be used as a reference while they complete the activity.
  2. Next, students write their spelling words in different colours around the spiral until they reach the centre.

The activity can stop there once the students have created a colourful spiral of spelling words, OR the activity can be extended to add further excitement to those sometimes-dull spelling lessons.

Extension Activities and Fun Ideas:

  • Once students have completed their rainbow-coloured spelling spiral they have the option to carefully cut it out and make a decorative hanging mobile. They could hang their mobile in a place around their home and it can double up as a decoration and useful spelling revision aid.
  • If you have a class of reptile fanatics try creating a spelling snake. Ask students to carefully cut around their spiral of spellings. Grab some googly eyes and cut out a forked tongue. Then simply, stick these to one end of the spiral. There you have it, a Spiral Spelling Snake. These look great hanging from the classroom ceiling!
  • Maybe minibeasts are more their thing. Students can alternatively make a spelling snail. Add these to a literacy working wall and a bunch of weekly spelling snails can become a useful reference when students are completing independent writing tasks.
  • Students love learning about shape poems (concrete poems) but it can be a little tricky writing around a shape. Spelling List Spiral is a good activity to complement the topic of shape poems. Students can practise writing on a curve and learn their spelling at the same time. The two complement each other well.
  • Spelling List Spiral is just the start! Encourage students to think of their own shapes, patterns and arrangements for their spelling words. You could build a gallery of spelling art in the classroom for all to admire.


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