Bring Joy to Your Sunday

Enjoy Your Sunday

May 21, 2019 | For Teachers, Health, Mental Health

Top tips to stop thinking about Monday on Sunday.
  1. Be prepared for the week ahead. Do as much as you can on Friday and the week before so there isn’t overwhelm on Sunday with thoughts of all the tasks you need to do. (10 Quick Questions a Day will cut your planning in half – just sayin!
  2. I always asked for my NCT on Friday to photocopy all my resources for the next week and write out all the major key learning area activities into my planner. The bulk of the work was done.
  3. Plan self-care activities that spark fun and bring you JOY on Sundays. Coffee and breakfast in the morning at your favourite cafe, a mid-morning movie and an afternoon strolling along the water. Whatever makes your soul sing with happiness. Do that on Sundays. Permission is granted to let the worries of school go and to bring the focus back on to you.  You are worth it!!
stop thinking about Monday on Sunday.

stop thinking about Monday on Sunday.

Tell us, what are you going to give yourself permission to do today that ISN’T school-related? What activity are you doing to bring you joy? We would love to know below.

Thanks for the inspo @positivelypresent



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