Learning to add and subtract by tens is an important skill to learn. Not only does it simplify mathematical equations, but our system of measurement (the metric system) is based around tens. Mastering the role of the number ten in maths is an integral foundation of many later mathematical concepts.

One of the most easily relatable areas is measurement. Moving from subtracting by tens to learning about measurements is a fairly easy transition into exercises about measuring things. Length, mass, volume, and temperature are all base ten systems that can demonstrate the addition and subtraction of tens in more physical ways. They are also a great introduction to units of measurement and the meaning of prefixes like centi- and kilo-. This could even develop into a comparison of different systems, or a history lesson about how we used to measure things in the past.

Hopefully with the huge range of fun, relevant, and engaging activities we create, your students will be laughing as they learn. Our very popular 10 Quick Questions A Dayis fantastic way to provide the daily consolidation of concepts that children need.

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