Sydney Teacher Meet-Up

Sydney teachers held their Sydney Teacher Meet-Up at The Gatehouse High Tea Rooms on Saturday 27 May 2017 and from what I hear and the feedback, everyone had a fabulous time. We were absolutely honoured to send down personalised gift bags to share with such hardworking, dedicated and passionate teachers.

Teachers deserve to be treated and this was our main brief to follow when Sue and I sat down to design the ‘high tea’ theme goodie bags. It was luxury all the way.

The gift vouchers of course had to be high-tea elegance and sophistication. Only the best will do for the winners of Lizard Learning competitions.

Teachers were in a winning chance to walk away with either a student workbook in the 10 Quick Questions a Day flagship series or a 12 month membership to our new Lizard Learning Club PLUS membership teaching resource site.

Have a cuppa on me why you enjoy your Sydney Teacher Meet-Up high tea! Did you like that one Sydney teachers? I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it. There is a story behind this that I’ll tell.

If you are new to Lizard Learning, you may not know that I was a Registered Nurse after I left school. To pay my uni fees and the bills I cleaned operating theatres at the Royal Brisbane Hospital. There I met a lady whose daughter was completing her marketing degree just as I was applying for nursing positions.

With sponges in our hands as we cleaned the mess from the theatre tables and lights, I mentioned I wanted to out shine the competition during the interview process and really make a stand out impression. There were hundreds of nurses graduating in the year 2000. We were all vying for limited jobs that were on offer. Being meek and mild was not an option!

I have kept this little resume secret to myself for many years however it’s such a beauty that hopefully more people can use it to land their perfect job role so I am about to share it!!

Janet told me her daughter attached a coffee sachet (in a bag) on the front page of her CV with the words, “Have a cuppa on me while you browse through my CV.” Pure gold. When it came to typing up and presenting my CV, I did just that. When I hit the panel interview the first topic of conversation was the very original CV from hundreds the interviews had read that were so boring!! The little things do matter and count after all.

If you’re a Sydney teacher at the high tea you now know the reference to why the coffee bag was attached with my personalised note:

It was so nice to personalise a letter to each teacher. Please send a picture of you enjoying that strong delicious coffee.

After the gift vouchers and the cuppa on me, teachers also needed a bit of ‘positivi-tea’ on their special day. We printed and carefully cut out positive quote A5 posters for teachers to use at home for some inspiration or share with their children at school to remind them of why a positive attitude will always get them through those hard days we all face in our teaching day.

A variety of positivity posters were shared among the gift bags so each teacher received a sprinkle of positivity across the room.

And you can’t have a gift bags without personalised magnets!

All these magnets were spread around gift bags for a variety. In this pic, these magnets were placed on the fridge and on top of my daughter’s kindy art work for a nice colourful backdrop.

Comments from Sydney teachers through their Instagram pages. Be sure to follow these ladies. They are doing great things!

Catherine was a lucky winner on the day and won a resource from the 10 Quick Questions a Day series.

Thanks you for this wonderful photo @cathwilliams05 and your beautiful comments. Catherine wrote: “Enjoyed a beautiful afternoon chatting, eating & drinking tea with the wonderful teachers at @sydneyteachermeetup. Made even more special with a sample bag and prize from @lizardlearning. Thank you very much for your generosity.”

You are very welcome Catherine. Please go and check out Catherine’s awesome Instagram page @cathwilliams05.

Florence Tow was another teacher at the High Tea who was lucky enough to win too! Florence won a 12 month Lizard Learning Club Club PLUS membership package.  Florence wrote a lovely comment about the bags too:

“I look forward to using the resource, it sounds great! Thank you so much for the gift bags yesterday, they were very well received by everyone!”

If you would love to know what goes on at these Teacher Meet-Ups Florence made a video of the day at her fantastic YouTube Channel TEACHERTALES 101. Click here to watch it. Subscribe to her channel and Instagram page! It’s awesome for teachers.

Hopefully this has given you a sneak peek into these teacher meet-ups, if you were wondering what they are all about. Come and say hello if you ever see me at one won’t you? I would be thrilled to have a chat.

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Please like, share and comment as we always love to hear your thoughts and feedback, especially if you were a Sydney teacher at the meet-up on Saturday May 27.

Keep Shining Brightly,

Cindy Holmberg-Smith


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