Growth Mindset

Cultivate a Growth Mindset with Our “I Have a Growth Mindset” Worksheet! Start developing a growth mindset within your children with the aid of this super resource. It’s a great starting point for discussions relating to mindset and success, helping realign kids’ thought processes when they are faced with a challenge. Psychologist Carol Dweck brought […]

Anxiety in Children

Anxiety in Kids

John Marsden’s recent comments victim-shaming children bullied at school have rightly provoked community outrage. Marsden – an award-winning children’s author and educator – has been a teacher for four decades and currently runs two schools, north of Melbourne; his words carry significant weight and connotations.

Number Facts Bingo

Make Maths Fun with Number Facts Bingo! What better way to engage students than with a fun game? This Number Fact Bingo resource is guaranteed to excite learners and encourage them to use and recall their number knowledge. Are you familiar with groans and complaints the moment you mention a mental arithmetic test? Well, you […]

Fun Scrabble Spelling

Spice Up Your Lessons with the Fun Scrabble Spelling Game! Spicing up your lesson plans with fun activities can make learning much more enjoyable. A game is a great way to increase participation within a lesson and inside your classroom. Even though the learning processes may be the same, a worksheet presented as a game […]