Word of the Day Vocabulary Activity

Word of the Day Activity

Word of the Day activities are great for building children’s vocabulary, which in turn helps develop their communication skills. This Word of the Day activity sheet is a great teaching resource for students and teachers. Students can enjoy investigating new and interesting words. While teachers can benefit from hassle-free preparation.

Cross Number Puzzles

These challenging cross number puzzles are a great way to keep your students entertained and they hold a whole load of hidden benefits too!

An Easy Snack for Teachers

Easy Snacks

Teaching is hard enough let alone having to be a great chef too! I don’t know about you but I love simple cooking and any kind of time-saving tools for teachers, whether that’s inside the classroom or at home. Three, maybe four ingredients and I’m a happy teacher in the kitchen.

Sign Language Spelling

Sign Language Spelling

Brighten up a spelling lesson with Sign-Language Spelling. Students can have fun learning how to communicate in sign-language whilst learning their weekly spelling words. The activity sheet displays clear visuals of how to sign each letter of the alphabet. There is also a space at the bottom of the page to write the spelling words.

Multiplication Monkeys

Moneky Fun with Math

Use this fun game to practise your multiplication facts. Roll 2 die, multiply and cover the answer on this game board. The player with four in a row will be the winner.